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It’s now a connected world and the applications that you use these days should run in multiple devices. Thus needs a smooth synchronization of it’s data. Visual Studio 2015 provides a way to synchronize it’s settings to multiple connected devices through One Drive.


In this blog post, we will learn how to synchronize the Visual Studio settings so that, you can have the same settings in all devices that you use.


How to synchronize Visual Studio 2015 settings across devices (


When you run Visual Studio 2015 for the first time and login, it will automatically enable the IDE settings synchronization to have a smooth experience across all devices where you use Visual Studio. But in case, this synchronization settings get disable, you can re-enable it.


To do so, open Visual Studio 2015 IDE and navigate to Tools menu –> Options, as shown in the below screenshot:


Open Visual Studio Options from the Tools menu (


From the IDE options dialog, navigate to Environment –> Synchronized Settings, as shown in the below screenshot. In the right side panel, you will find a checkbox labelled “Synchronize settings across devices when signed into Visual Studio”.


If it is unchecked, synchronization is disabled. To enable it, just check it and save the settings by clicking the “OK” button. Next time when you open Visual Studio in your other device (having the same account credential), you will find the same experience in that device too.


Synchronize Visual Studio 2015 settings across devices (


I hope that the post was useful. In case you find any issues, drop a line below. Connect with me on Twitter to ask your queries and/or share your feedback.



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