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Do you know that, you can easily copy code from C# Interactive Window?

C# Interactive Window, inside Visual Studio, allows you to test code snippet without compiling the application. It supports several features like syntax highlighting, intellisense and more, and comes with a feature like 'Copy Code', that allows you to copy only the code part from that window.


In this quick blog post, we will discuss about the 'Copy Code' functionality part of the C# Interactive Window, inside Visual Studio.

Use DebuggerHidden attribute to hide methods from debugger breakpoints

When you want certain constructors, methods or properties out of the debugger scope, you can use the DebuggerHidden attribute, part of the System.Diagnostics namespace. When a member has been marked as DebuggerHidden, breakpoints will not hit for that member.


If you are unaware of this attribute, let's go a step ahead to learn about this attribute and how it works. Continue reading to know more.

Here's how to run web application in multiple browsers from Visual Studio

If you are a web developer and designing any website or a page, you may want to run it in multiple browsers to check cross-browser issues. Visual Studio provides an easy way to run the web application in all the selected browsers at a single shot.


In this quick tip, today, we are going to learn how to run the web application in multiple browsers from the Visual Studio IDE. Continue reading to know more about it.

Do you know that, there exist a snippet to generate reverse 'for' loop?

In every programming language, when you want to loop through a collection, you use the 'for' loop in maximum scenarios. When writing code in Visual Studio, you might be aware that, there exist a code snippet to write the for-loop structure.


But you might not noticed that, there exist another code snippet to generate a reverse for-loop. Let's see what it is and how it operates.

How to change the default XAML document view in Visual Studio 2015?

Not many of us wants to work in the designer view of Visual Studio while working with the XAML files. This could be due to no requirements of changing the UI layout rather than few data bindings. By default, Visual Studio loads the XAML designer view.


In this post we are going to learn how to disable the designer view and/or change the way it loads the default document view.

Synchronize your Visual Studio 2015 settings across devices

It’s now a connected world and the applications that you use these days should run in multiple devices. Thus needs a smooth synchronization of it’s data. Visual Studio 2015 provides a way to synchronize it’s settings to multiple connected devices through One Drive.


In this blog post, we will learn how to synchronize the Visual Studio settings so that, you can have the same settings in all devices that you use.

How to allow #NuGet to download missing packages in #VisualStudio 2015?

Sometime when using NuGet packages, it may need additional packages as a reference. During installation of the main package, if it’s unable to install the dependent packages, Visual Studio 2015 allows you to auto download missing packages.


In this small blog post, we will learn how to enable this settings to retrieve the missing packages in various conditions. Continue reading to know more.

Use “fuzzy matching” in Visual Studio 2015 to correct misspelled types

How many times it happened that, while writing code, you misspelled a type name? This is most common and this kind of typos can happen with everyone. Visual Studio 2015 provides a way to correct such spelling mistakes using “fuzzy matching” direct from the light bulb.


Today we are going to discuss on this topic and see how it can help you. Continue reading this post and don’t forget to check my other posts on Visual Studio 2015 Tips & Tricks.

How to call a method when Visual Studio 2015 debugger hits?

Debugging a piece of code is always difficult and it is more difficult when you are debugging on someone else’s code. In all such cases, you will need to set the breakpoints and check the values that it returns before proceeding next.


Visual Studio 2015 makes it easier by providing you an option to call a specific method once you reach the breakpoint and based on requirement, print something on the output stream.

Microsoft Identity Extensions failed during Visual Studio installation

If you are installing Visual Studio 2015 with Office Developer Tools and/or LightSwitch, you may encounter an issue saying "Microsoft Identity Extensions" package failed to install. Though the Visual Studio installation succeeds, you may get this warning message after the installation completes.


If you encounter this, there is an workaround to resolve the installation problem. Read more to know about the root cause behind this issue and the solution.

Failed to install setup update (Error code: -2147205120)

If you are using Visual Studio 2015 and want to change the existing installation from the Programs and Features item in Control Panel, you may see an error message "Failed to install setup update - Error code: -2147205120" after you accept an online update.


If you face this issue while modifying your existing installation, here is the simple solution for you as a workaround to proceed with. Read more to know about the solution.

How to enable/disable auto update feature of #VisualStudio extension?

Visual Studio 2015 supports automatic updation of extensions. When the auto update extensions settings is enabled, the extensions will be automatically updated when a new update of the extension is available; that means, you don't have to perform any manual action.


Today we will discuss about it. In case it is disabled on your system, you will be able to reactivate it to get the auto update feature of extensions.

Quick Tip: Programmatically retrieve Visual Studio install directory

Sometime we need to retrieve the Visual Studio installation directory programmatically using the C#/.NET code and there’s no direct API call available to retrieve this information and also you don’t know the exact path where it has been installed.


Every installation of Visual Studio puts a specific registry path to keep track of the installation directory. If you know that, it’s easy to retrieve the information. Let’s discuss on this topic today.

How to scope to a project or folder inside #VisualStudio?

Sometime we work on a Visual Studio solution file that has a huge nos. of projects and folders. Keeping all of them in the Solution Explorer, makes it difficult to manage. Visual Studio provides a way to make it simpler and cleaner.


Though it is available since Visual Studio 2012, but if you are not aware of this feature, let's discuss on this. Continue reading the post to learn about it.

Solution for #VisualStudio “Internal error in the expression evaluator”

If you are using Visual Studio 2015, you might have encountered this error “Internal error in the expression evaluator” while debugging your code; the debugger and the watch window will start throwing this error instead of returning the value.


If you encounter this issue and came to this page by searching online, just hold your breath. We will show you, how to fix this error and continue working with Visual Studio normally.

#VisualStudio 2015 Tips - How to execute code in Interactive window?

Visual Studio 2015 Update 2, released during //BUILD/2016 developer conference, provides an easy way to execute code directly on the Interactive Window inside the Visual Studio IDE. Along with that, the interactive window is now also capable of color highlighting.


Today in this blog post, we will learn how to execute code directly in the interactive window, in just a single click. Continue reading and let us know, how much you like this enhanced feature.

Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 now available for download

On 30th March, during Build Developer Conference 2016, Microsoft released Visual Studio 2015 Update 2. This release focuses on stability and more on the users feedback received on RTM and Update 1. Along with these, it also includes performance improvements and responsiveness to our favorite IDE.


This build also has some known issues, which will be fixed in subsequent builds. In this post, sharing the links to download the web installer, ISO image for offline installation.

#VisualStudio 2015 Tips - How to organize "usings" across solution?

Whenever you create a new code file in Visual Studio, it adds a default set of using namespaces automatically to faster the development process in common name resolution. Not all of them are mandatory to use and can be remove at later point of time or before code check-in.


Visual Studio 2015 provides us an easy way to organize the using namespaces within the active code file, project and/or solution. You will really love this new feature. Continue reading to learn more about it.

#VisualStudio 2015 Tips - How to work with the Window Layout?

Apart from the other cool new features, the giant company also added a feature in Microsoft Visual Studio named “Layout Management”. This is a nice feature for people working in multiple devices with Visual Studio 2015. Using this you will be able to save and sync your IDE layout across devices.


Today in this post, we are going to discuss on this and will learn how to save and sync the Window Layout. Continue reading and let us know, how this can benefit you.

#VisualStudio 2015 Tips - How to show output window while building?

For some people, it is sometime irritating when the "Output" window automatically opens up in the screen when building a project or solution in Visual Studio. For some people, it's the reverse case and they want to check the entire log while the build is running or the console application is running in debug mode.


In Visual Studio, you can control this behavior and ask the IDE whether to open it into view or not. It’s not specific to Visual Studio 2015 and is available since VS 2013. Let's see how to enable/disable it.

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