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Microsoft Azure MVP Bootcamp, organized by Miracle Software Systems and Vizag Microsoft User Group (VzMUG), happened on 12th November 2016. I was one of the speaker of this event, invited by Miracle Software Systems to speak on Azure Platform.


I have given a 90 minutes session on 'Azure App Services and Overview to UWP', demonstrated in front of 100+ audiences. Here I am sharing my slides and few snaps from the event.


Azure MVP Bootcamp, Vizag (


It was a tremendous experience that I had as a speaker invited to Azure MVP Bootcamp in Vizag (Vishakhapatnam). Firstly, I would like to thank Praveen Muthyala (Global Delivery Director of Miracle Software Systems) for providing me an opportunity to speak on such well organized event. I would like to say, it was well planned and well organized Microsoft User Group event I have ever seen. The organizers not only taken care of the speakers, but also cared about the attendees and provided them bus service to reach the venue.


The venue was the 'Miracle Heights', on top of the hill. From there you can see a nice view of the city and the beach. Unless you visit the place, you will not be able to visualize the view. Also, finding a software company on top of a hill (with a blending view of beach) you will rarely seen.


In the event, I delivered a 90 minutes session on 'Azure App Services and Overview to Universal Windows Platform (UWP)'. Those who missed and/or want to refer my slides, can view it here:



Here's few snaps from the event:


Group photo with all the attendees and organizers (


Delivering session on Azure Mobile Service (


Delivering session on Azure Mobile Service (


Delivering session on Azure Mobile Service and Overview to UWP (


A group photo with the organizers (


Thanks to the entire team (Naveen, Ravi, Rajnikant and all others) who were behind organizing this event and cared about all speakers, attendees. It was definitely a grand success. Hope to meet them again and deliver more such sessions in future.


Photo Credits: Miracle Team



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