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Just after 3 days of announcement of Windows 10 Insiders Preview Build 15002 for PCs, Microsoft announced one more build for fast ring users. The new build is numbered as 15007 and targeted for both PCs and Mobile devices. The new build has no. of new features/enhancements.


Before downloading the new build, check out the features list as well as the known issues currently available in this build. Continue reading to know further.


 Microsoft released Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15007 for PC and Mobile (


Insider build version 15002 was the first one in the year 2017 for PCs with numerous changes. To get that build for PC, insiders had to wait for a month. For the fast ring mobile users, we had to wait for more than a month and this is the first one for mobiles to get the update along with PCs.


What's new in insiders preview build 15007 for PCs?

Here's a list of new features/enhancements which Microsoft pushed with build 15007 for PCs. Before downloading the new bits, checkout the known issues first.

  • A numeric changes have been made in Microsoft Edge, which includes:
    • ability to share a set of tabs you've set aside
    • easy to bring your data over from another browser when you switch to Microsoft Edge
    • ability to 'Run' a download link without first saving it
    • the Web Notes to leverage the familiar Windows Ink experience you've come to know in Photos and Maps
    • quick links in the Action Center to help you easily get back into the Microsoft Edge websites and SharePoint documents you used most recently on other devices
  • App developers can now send toast notifications with a progress indicator to show progress to the user. There will also be a support developers to update an existing notification through 'data-binding'.
  • Improvements to the XAML scrollbar for mouse to ensure it is available when you need it, while taking up less space and causing less undesirable flashing when you don't.
  • With Build 15007, you'll now see a visual guidance that tracks your face in real-time, shows you an improved progress indicator and gives you real-time feedback to quickly and smoothly set your face up for signing in.
  • This is the first build you can try out the new APIs that enable GATT Server, Bluetooth LE Peripheral role and unpaired Bluetooth LE device connectivity.
  • You can now take a screen capture using only your keyboard. Press Alt + N, select the desired snip type and press enter; this will start the capture. Now use the arrow keys to move the cursor to one of the intended corners of your snip, and press either space or enter to start selecting your snip area.

What's new in insiders preview build 15007 for mobile?

Here's a list of new features/enhancements which Microsoft pushed with build 15007 for Windows Mobile. Before downloading the new bits, don't forget to checkout the known issues first.

  • You can now sync your settings on AA-Joined phones using Enterprise State Roaming.
  • One of the features added to PC with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update was the ability to reset an app back to its original state. With Build 15007, the same will now be possible on Mobile.
  • You can now use Cortana to control music playback on more of your favorite music apps. You can also use your voice to control playback and volume.
  • Cortana can now recognize music for customers in China. Simply tap the music notes icon in the top corner of Cortana's home page, and Cortana will listen to whatever music is playing and use Netease to tell you what song it is.
  • Azure Active Directory (AAD) identity capability will allow you to sign into Cortana with your work or school account instead your MSA, enabling you to use Cortana even if your organization does not support MSA.
  • Microsoft has added a new option to set recurring time-based Cortana Reminders for "Every Month" or "Every Year".
  • Microsoft Edge now has preview support for the new Payment Request API, which allows sites to make checkout easier using the payment and shipping preferences stored in your Microsoft Wallet.
  • Improved legibility for UWP apps in high contrast.
  • Settings pages now contain additional information on the right or bottom (depending on the window size) providing links to support, feedback, and any other related settings if available.
  • As System Settings list was getting quite long, app related settings has been moved out of System into a new category called Apps.
  • The new device settings experience combines the Bluetooth and Connected devices pages to offer a single place to manage your devices/peripherals.
  • You can now pause your phone temporarily for a max of 35 days to receive/install updates. This was already added in PC build 15002.
  • Improvements to the XAML scrollbar for mouse to ensure it is available when you need it, while taking up less space and causing less undesirable flashing when you don't.


There are plenty of other changes, improvements and fixes in both PC build and Mobile build 15007. You can read them in the original blog post on Windows Insiders Blog. Also, don't miss reading the known issues section before downloading the build, as it is from development branch and there's a possibility of unknown bugs in this build too.


Source: Windows Insiders Blog



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