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Along with Windows 10 Insiders Preview build 15002, Microsoft added a new feature for Windows 10 Creators Update, that will allow you to group your start screen tiles to a folder. Tile folders are a way for you to organize and personal your tiles in Start.


In this post we will see how to group the tiles to a folder and access them. Continue reading my other posts on Windows 10 Creators Update to see what’s coming next.


Windows 10 Creators Update will allow you to group 'Tiles' on your start screen (


Grouping 2 or more tiles to a folder in Windows Start Screen is not new. It was there for a long time in Windows Phone/Mobile. Now with the Creators Update build, Microsoft is going to push the same feature in Windows 10 for PC.


To group a tile with another, drag a tile icon on top of other and drop it. This will create a folder of tile icons. You can add many icons to group into a single one. It will look similar to this, having a wider tile experience:


Wide sized grouped tile on Windows 10 Creators Update (


You can resize the tile group to small, medium, wide or large. Here’s a preview to demonstrate how it looks with a medium sized group tile:


Medium sized grouped tile on Windows 10 Creators Update (


To access the icons from a group/folder, click on that group/folder to expand it and you will see a neat representation of all the icons available there (as shown in the below screenshot). Click the one that you need to access.


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Expanded grouped tile on Windows 10 Creators Update (


You can also customize the individual icons inside the group/folder and set them as per your need (small, medium, wide or large; considering the tile size type that it supports). Have a look below for easy reference:


Expanded grouped tile with various combinations on Windows 10 Creators Update (


It’s now going to be easy to manage your tiles to get the more details about your applications in a single page. Do follow us and stay informed on the latest and greatest coming with Windows 10 Creators Update. Till that time, stay tuned. Have a great day!



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