The Windows 10 Creators Update is going to bring a new feature to control the 'Blue Light' emission from your screen. This is going to help the people who use computers for a long time, especially during the night time.


In this post, we are going to learn how to change the Windows 10 settings to control the blue light of your screen in order to reduce the strain on your eyes.


Windows 10 Creators Update will allow you to control blue light settings


The light that we see is a combination of different colors and among all of them, the blue light has the maximum energy that could harm or put more strain to your eyes. Microsoft has added an option to turn ON/OFF the blue light and also added an option to adjust the same in Windows 10 Creators Update. If you are a Windows Insider in the fast ring, you can experience the same from Windows 10 Insiders Preview Build 15002 for PCs ahead of the general availability of Creators Update.


When you turn it ON, the color in the screen will look little yellowish, removing the blue light having higher energy and thus reduce the strain on your eyes. This will no doubtly be useful if you work late night and thus will help you to have a better sleep after your work.


To setup the blue light feature on Windows 10, open the Settings app and click the 'System' settings and then navigate to the 'Display' settings as shown in the below screenshots:


Windows 10 System Settings (

Windows 10 Display Settings (


There you will find an option which says 'Lower blue light automatically'. If it is 'OFF', turn it 'ON' to enable controlling the blue light emission.


Lower blue light automatically on Windows 10 Creators Update (


In order to adjust the default settings, click the link that says 'Blue light settings', just below the ON/OFF switch:


Blue light settings on Windows 10 Creators Update (


By default the blue light settings will be enabled after sunset and will continue until sunset (based on your local timezone set on your system). You can forcefully turn in ON/OFF from this page. You can also adjust the color temperature by sliding the yellow slider left or right.


Turn ON or OFF blue light settings in Windows 10 Creators Update (


It also has another option to schedule it to automatically lower the blue light at a predefined time. Either you can keep it to default one i.e. 'Lower nightly at sunset' or you can set your own hours as shown in the below screenshot:


Lower blue light automatically at sunset on Windows 10 Creators Update (

Schedule time to turn ON or OFF the blue light on Windows 10 Creators Update (


The last option to set your predefined time is useful when you are working in a place where the amount of the external light is very less. In that case, you can adjust the light to have a warmer position in order to put low strain on your eyes.



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