Windows 10 Redstone 3 build 16184 released for PCs in fast ring

Microsoft has announced a new insider preview build 16184 for PCs in the fast ring Windows Insiders. It contains a couple of new features, which people are waiting for a long time. Apart from the new features, a set of improvements and fixes are also available in this build.


Check out this post to know what's new in this build, what has been changed and fixed. Don't forget to read the known issues before downloading it.


Windows 10 Redstone 3 build 16184 released for PCs in fast ring (www.kunal-chowdhury.com)


'My People' app has been finally aired to the fast ring Windows Insiders. This will help you to connect with your most important people easily, just from the desktop, and share photos, plan for some thing and/or message your connection.


This will allow you to pin a maximum no. of 3 people, at this moment, to your taskbar, view multiple communication apps together and select the app that you want to use to chat with your connection.


It's just the beginning and there exists a lot of work to do to improve the My People app. To share your feedback, open the Feedback Hub and submit it in the Desktop Environment > My People section.


'My People' hub in Windows 10 Redstone 3 build 16184 (Source: Microsoft)


Apart from this new feature, Microsoft also added a new experience for the Gmail accounts in Windows 10 Mail and Calendar apps. When the new experience is available for your account, you will be prompted to update your Gmail account settings.


Apart from these new features and changes, Microsoft has fixed the following issues in the PC build 16184, for the fast ring users:

    • Fixed an issue where night light could get stuck in a disabled state.
    • Updated Start to use the improved XAML scrollbar style announced during Creators Update development.
    • Fixed an issue from recent flights where dragging an app from Start’s All apps list into the tile grid would result in Start crashing.
    • Fixed an issue for those using Windows in Japanese, where on first login after an upgrade certain apps would unexpectedly appear at the bottom of the Start’s All apps list.
    • Improved the loading performance of the Notification Settings page.
    • Some audio drivers have an “encoding Audio Processing Object” feature; this is commonly known as “Dolby Digital Live” or “DTS Connect”. This takes the output of the Windows audio engine mix, encodes it and sends it out over a S/PDIF optical link for decoding by an external audio receiver. An issue was introduced which resulted in this feature no longer working, which is now fixed.
    • Fixed an issue from recent flights resulting in Photos crashing if you opened a picture from the Collection page and then pressed the back button in the title back.
    • Fixed an issue resulting in Counter Strike Global Offensive hanging or freezing during game play.
    • Fixed the issue where pressing F12 to open the Developer Tools in Microsoft Edge while F12 is open and focused may not return focus to the tab F12 is opened against, and vice-versa.

For the known issues, check out the Microsoft official blog post on the announcement here. Along with this, Microsoft also released a new insider preview build 15208 for Windows 10 Mobile devices.



Source: Microsoft Blog Post



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