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This happens many time when the mail, that you are going to send, gets stuck in the Outbox folder of your favorite email client and provides you 'No Luck' to open/delete that email as it already started transmitting to the other side.


If you are one of such victim, here's a quick tip for you to easily stop transferring that mail, so that, you can open or delete it.


Email got stuck in Outbox folder? Check out this solution (


Think about a case when you just clicked the 'Send' button of a mail composer window to send the mail with few attachments and then realized that, you forgot something to add. You now want to stop transferring the mail to the other party but as Outlook already started the transfer, you are unable to delete it from the 'Outbox'. Even, you cannot open that mail during that time.


So, what needs to be done now? Here's a quick solution that you will find handy to open or delete a mail that got stuck in the 'Outbox' folder of the mail client.


Solution One

Immediately change the mode of Outlook to 'Offline' and wait for few minutes to let Outlook to come out of the transferring state. Now you will be able to open or delete the mail from the Outbox.


If you are using older version of Outlook, you can find it under the 'File' menu, named as 'Work Offline'.


Here's how to switch older Outlook versions to offline mode (


In case, you are using a newer version of Outlook mail client, the same is available under the 'Send / Receive' ribbon bar group.


Here's how to switch new Outlook versions to offline mode (


Solution Two

Alternatively, you can also disconnect the system from internet. Wait for few minutes before trying to delete the mail from the Outbox folder, as Outlook might be still trying to transfer the mail.


Did it resolve your problem? Which one did you like more? Please let us know in the comments section below. Have a great day!



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