Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Development Cookbook

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Development Cookbook is now available on Packt Publisher site, Amazon, Flipkart. Buy this book to learn 100 recipes to build rich desktop client applications on Windows. - Story published by Kunal Chowdhury on .

It gives me immense pleasure to announce that my second book, titled Windows Presentation Foundation Development Cookbook, has been published by Packt Publication. You can now buy this book from publisher's website, Amazon and will gradually be available on Flipkart.


If you are a beginner or an intermediate, and would like to learn about WPF, this book is for you. It covers almost all the topics that you need to learn.


Windows Presentation Foundation Foundation (WPF) Development Cookbook (Author: Kunal Chowdhury, Publisher: Packt)


Finally, months of hard work came to an end. After successful publication of my first book, Mastering Visual Studio 2017, I got the second assignment with Packt Publisher to write on WPF Cookbook. It was a 3 months tight schedule to complete the entire work. After regular office hours, it was quite difficult to accomplish on time.


If you are just a beginner to WPF and/or XAML, this book is right for you to kick start your journey. If you are an intermediate user, the recipes mentioned in this book will give you better guidance in all the steps.


The book (Windows Presentation Foundation Development Cookbook) begins with teaching you about the fundamentals of WPF and then quickly shows you the standard controls and the layout options. It teaches you about data bindings, styles, templates and how to utilize various resources. Then it guides you with MVVM pattern to maintain a clean and reusable structure in your code.


After this, you will explore the animation capabilities of WPF and see how they integrate with other mechanisms. Towards the end of the book, you will learn about WCF services and explore WPF's support for debugging and asynchronous operations.

From where to buy?

You can buy the book from publisher site, Amazon and/or Flipkart. To grab all the links and to check for offers, visit this page: I hope, just like my previous book, this will be beneficial for you too. Don't forget to write a review on Amazon.

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