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Windows Template Studio 2.2 released with 3D Launcher feature, Wizard enhancements and more

Microsoft releases Windows Template Studio update, Download latest version of Windows Template Studio 2.2 for developers with new features that includes 3D Launcher feature, Wizard enhancements, improved documentations and many bug fixes. Here's how to download Windows Template Studio 2.2 or update your existing installation to Windows Template Studio 2.2. - Story published by Kunal Chowdhury on .

Microsoft has released a new update to Windows Template Studio. The latest version of Windows Template Studio 2.2 includes 3D Launcher feature, Wizard enhancements, improved documentations and many bug fixes.


To know more about the new changes and improvements part of this release, and to learn how to install this update, continue reading the post.


Download Windows Template Studio 2.2 for developers


How to download/update Windows Template Studio 2.2?

If you are installing Windows Template Studio for the first time, navigate to, click the Download button. Once downloaded, double click the VSIX installer to start the installation process.


In case you have an older version of Windows Template Studio already installed on your development environment, Visual Studio will auto update the extension. To force the update process, go to Tools | Extensions and Updates | Update | Windows Template Studio. Then click the Update button to continue.


What's new and improved in Template Studio 2.2?

The latest version of Windows Template Studio 2.2 includes 3D Launcher feature, Wizard enhancements, improved documentations and improved testing support. Apart from that, the latest build also includes the following changes and fixes:

  • Update Nuget Reference: Microsoft.NETCore.UniversalWindowsPlatform
  • Update Nuget Reference: Telerik.UI.for.UniversalWindowsPlatform
  • Update Nuget Reference: Microsoft.Toolkit.Uwp.UI.Controls
  • Update Nuget Reference: Microsoft.Toolkit.Uwp.Notifications
  • Update Nuget Reference: Microsoft.Toolkit.Uwp
  • Update Nuget Reference: Newtonsoft.Json
  • Link Moved
  • Help/About details are incorrect
  • Dependency template do not receive projectname as parameter
  • Created project is always rebuild in Visual Studio, making testing slow
  • Add background load flag to RelayCommand
  • Update App Center feature to include latest SDK version and crash reporting support
  • WTS is extracting templates after VS Update
  • App crash on Prism Framework
  • UWP Unit Tests are not discoverable using MVVM Light
  • New project from wizard v2.1.18124.1 omits several folders/items from project
  • When trying to delete and item that is a dependency, tell all dependant items
  • Suspend/resume with Caliburn Micro: resume handler not invoked
  • Image gallery and left/right arrows and esc key
  • Scroll on touch devices not working on pages and features section
  • Add checks for links in docs and comments that are out of date
  • Update references to 'UWP Community Toolkit'
  • Bug: fails to install with "do not have supported versions"
  • Review extraction of files to localize
  • First default mainpage (in wizard) is not removable
  • Support adding a 3D app launcher for when the app is used in MR
  • Deleting code in MergePostactions deletes all occurrences of code
  • Remove unnecessary calls to `await Task.CompletedTask;`
  • Undo "ignore obsolete warnings" on stylecop and sonarlint tests when NavigationView is in place
  • Add documentation with platform specific recommendations
  • Docs: Activation for nav pane and directly going to a page
  • Overview tab does not open automatically on project creation


Apart from these, Microsoft also hinted that, they are working on new features that they are going to include in future builds. These includes Menubar navigation pattern template, WinUI Library nuget package integration, Continued refinement with Fluent Design in the templates, Work for supporting multiple projects in a single solution, Ink templates, User Activity APIs for Timeline support and Improved Right-click -> add support for existing projects.



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