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Microsoft's latest chromium-powered Edge browser, which was released on January 15th 2020, is highly customisable. Earlier we had covered how to download the new Microsoft Edge and also on how to install Google Chrome extensions on Microsoft Edge browser.


In this quick post we will learn how to set the Dark Theme or Dark Mode in your chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser on Windows 10.


How to enable Dark Theme Mode on Microsoft Edge (chromium) browser?



Dark Theme or Dark Mode is one of the biggest feature in this computing age. WhatsApp also working to enable dark mode, and is currently available to all beta testers. If you didn't read that post, here's how to enable Dark Theme mode on WhatsApp for Android.


The new Microsoft Edge, which was released early 2020, also provided this feature to its users from the beginning. Here's how you can enable the Dark Theme or Dark Mode on Microsoft Edge browser.


How to enable Dark Theme Mode on Microsoft Edge (chromium) browser?

  1. Open the Microsoft Edge, if you haven't done already.
  2. Click the Menu icon (the three dots present at the top right corner), and click Settings.
  3. From the left-side navigation pane, click on the Appearance tab.
  4. As shown in the following screenshot, click on the dropdown that says Theme. You will see three theme settings available there. By default, it would be selected as System Default.
  5. Click "Dark" from the dropdown list.


Open the Microsoft Edge settings and navigate to Appearance


This will enable the Dark Theme (Dark Mode) on your chromium based Microsoft Edge Browser. If you want to set it back to Light Theme, follow the same steps mentioned above and now select "Light" as your browser Theme.


Apply dark theme from the Microsoft Edge Theme dropdown


As we have seen there are three theme modes available in Microsoft Edge, the first option (Light) will ask the browser to use Light Theme. The second option (Dark) will ask the browser to use Dark Theme. The third option (System Default), which is the default theme settings, will ask the browser to use the system theme. If the system theme is set as Dark, it will apply the same in Microsoft Edge also; and if that is set to Light, the browser will also continue with the same.



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