Microsoft now begins rolling out the Microsoft Edge (Chromium) version 84 to the stable release channel. While the Microsoft Edge 83, which was released to the stable channel at the end of May 2020 with extension syncing and dynamic profile switching, Microsoft Edge 84 brings features related to Collections, PDF improvements, and a list of security updates.


To know more about the new features of Microsoft Edge, and how to download the web or offline installer of the latest stable version, continue reading the post further.



Microsoft started rolling out Edge 84 to the Stable Channel


How to download Microsoft Edge version 84.0.522.40?

You can download the web installer of the latest version of Microsoft Edge, released to the Stable Channel, by navigating to the official Microsoft Edge site. Alternatively, you can also download the offline installer of the latest Microsoft Edge (Chromium) based on the operating system of your choice.


What's new in Microsoft Edge version 84.0.522.40?

This latest version of Microsoft Edge (Chromium), in the Internet Explorer mode, now provides an improved site list download times by decreasing the download delay to zero seconds (earlier it was 60-second) when the cached site list is absent. They have also added group policy support for organizations when the home page navigations of Internet Explorer mode needs to be delayed until the site list is downloaded.


Now the Microsoft Edge allows users to sign in to the browser when it is running with administrative privileges on Windows 10, which will help the customers running the browser under sandbox scenarios on Windows server or in the remote desktop sharing.


When in full-screen mode, the Microsoft Edge now provides you full mouse support. Without having to exit the full-screen mode, you can now use your mouse to access tabs, the address bar, and other items.


You can now add custom nicknames to stored debit or credit cards, which will let you distinguish and differentiate your credit cards when making online purchases.


TLS/1.0 and TLS/1.1 are now disabled by default. You can set the edge://flags/#display-legacy-tls-warnings flag to discover the impacted sites which are causing Microsoft Edge to display a non-blocking "Not Secure" notice when loading the pages with legacy TLS protocols.



Collections are getting some new features, beginning with overall performance improvements. The company says that actions consisting of exporting Collections records to Excel could be a lot faster. The tool also got a new note feature which will allow users to pin notes right to a page or position them separately in a Collection. It is now also possible for the users to change the background color of the notes.


When a user provides a direct intent to allow storage, the Storage Access API now allows access to first-party storage in a third-party context. Otherwise, it will be blocked by the browser's current configuration.


The browser also received some enhancements to the in-built PDF reader. You can save the edited PDFs as is, instead of having to create a copy of the file. The browser is also getting a feature for PDFs to Read Aloud. This feature was already present in the Legacy Edge browser.


Apart from that, the browser's Immersive Reader now also supports translation. When a user opens the Immersive Reader view, they will now get the option to translate the page to the language of their choice.



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