Losing or dropping your Android phone is unfortunate, but if you have the possibility to regain your Android phone data, things won’t become worst. Therefore, you need to be aware that to back up the Android phone data on the PC is vital.


Joyfully, you can learn how to back up Android phone data on Windows PC in this post, including the following 3 easy and effective solutions.



Here's 3 efficient ways to backup Android phone data on Windows 10 / Windows 11 PC


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Solution 1: Backup Android Phone Data on Windows PC with MobiKin Backup Manager for Android in 1 Click

MobiKin Backup Manager for Android, as a one-click backup and restore tool, becomes more and more remarkable. As for this software, backing up 8 major types of data from the Android phone to the Windows PC is a piece of cake, including contacts, call logs, messages, photos, videos, music, documents, and applications.


Moreover, you can restore all kinds of backup files from the PC to the Android phone. Let’s see more highlighted features below:



Two Device Connection Ways Available

This backup and restore software not only provides wired but also wireless connection: USB and Wi-Fi. That means whether you have the USB cable, you can back up your Android phone data on Windows PC.


User-friendly Backup & Restore Features

Using this backup manager, you can back up your data from Android phone to the PC with the original format and quality, so your backup data is readable as well on the Windows PC, such as photos, videos, and more.


What’s more, you can directly select your Android files by category on the interface before backing up and restoring. As you feel like eliminating data before restoring on your Android phone, you can choose the “Clear data before restoring” feature to make it easier.


High Compatibility for Android & Windows PC

Its powerful compatibility helps it work with almost all the Android phones and tablets whose operating systems are Android 4.0 and above, such as Samsung Galaxy S20/S10/S9/S8, Samsung Galaxy Tab S/Galaxy Tab 4, Huawei MediaPad T5/T3/M5 Lite, Xiaomi, OPPO, OnePlus, Sony, etc. Of course, it works perfectly with Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista/XP.



Tutorial on how to back up Android phone data to Windows PC with MobiKin Backup manager for Android

  1. Download MobiKin Backup Manager for Android on the Windows computer. Then install it on the desktop and launch it.
  2. Connect your Android phone to the PC with a USB cable and enable USB debugging on the Android device.
  3. Here's how to back up Android phone data to Windows PC with MobiKin Backup manager for Android

  4. To back up Android data to PC, please choose the “Backup” mode and then the Android data types. After choosing, you can make the backup process begin by tapping on the “Back Up” button.
  5. Here's how to back up Android phone data to Windows PC with MobiKin Backup manager for Android



Solution 2: Backup Android Phone Files on Windows PC Using Google Account

You may know that using Google account can back up kinds of Android data on it, like contacts, notes, SMS, calendars, and so on, as long as you add your personal Google account on the Settings app of the Android phone.


When you turn on the backup icon on your Android phone, the Android data will be automatically backed up to your Google account. This is the convenience of using Google account to back up data.


However, if you tend to back up Android phone files on Windows PC via Google account, just uploading the data is not enough, you need to do one more step, downloading the uploaded data from Google account to your PC. In the network available environment, you can download the files on the PC effortlessly.



Guide to backup Android data to Windows PC using Google account

  1. Add Google account on Android phone. Go to the Settings app, and tap on the “Accounts” > “Add account”. Then input the information here.
  2. Turn on backup icons. After adding, you can choose your Google account to switch on the backup icons next to the Android file categories.
  3. Download data on Windows PC for backup. Then browse your Google account on the PC, you will see your uploaded data. Please select and download them to your PC for backup.
  4. Here's how to backup Android data to Windows PC using Google account



Solution 3: Backup Data from Android Phone on Windows PC via Drag and Drop

If you desire to back up your media files from Android phone to Windows PC in a simple way, this section is your perfect choice, for using drag and drop allows you to back up your music files, films, pictures, and other documents with a USB cable, no software or network needed.


This solution is suitable to back up Android files with a small size. If you plan to back up groups of videos which are large, the backup process would be time-consuming. Thus, you’d better make a decision according to your real requirements.



Steps to backup Android phone files to Windows PC with drag and drop

  1. Use a USB cable to link your Android phone and the Windows PC at first. If prompted, choose “Transfer files” option on your Android phone.
  2. Find your Android data on the PC. Then enter the “This PC” program on the PC, and navigate to your Android internal storage. Find and select the Android phone data you want.
  3. Back up selected files to PC with drag and drop. Once you selected files, you can copy them to a location on your PC using drag and drop, waiting for some minutes till the backup finished.
  4. Here's how to backup Android phone files to Windows PC with drag and drop



Wrapping Up

The backup solutions introduced above are studied and selected carefully, they all can excellently achieve your backup task with their own respective useful features, so you can back up your Android phone data on Windows PC without worry. Just choose your favorite one to help you out.


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