Microsoft announced the rollout of the new Tasks app for Microsoft Teams, which provides a new unified view of both personal and team tasks within the app by consolidating tasks across Microsoft To-Do, Teams, Planner, and Outlook.


The rollout is currently happening to a small group of users, and will gradually roll out globally by September 2020. Did you get the new update? Check out its features.


Microsoft Teams Tasks: A new way to manage all your individual and team tasks in one place


The new Tasks app was first announced during the Ignite event, and now it started rolling out to the users targeting a complete rollout by the end of September. Once it is available, you can get the Tasks app in Microsoft Teams by clicking the ellipses in the left side-rail and selecting the Planner.


Microsoft said that the name will initially remain as Planner, later change to Tasks by Planner and To Do, and finally, it will change to Tasks to simplify the naming. But, if you are using Teams mobile client and tabs, it will always be named Tasks.


Tasks app rollout phases


Some highlights of the Tasks app in Microsoft Teams:

  • Tasks in Microsoft Teams is available for desktop, web, and mobile clients.
  • If the Tasks app is added to the Microsoft Teams on desktop, it will appear in the other two environments too.
  • Both the Tasks in Teams app and tab include four views: the traditional Board, Charts, and Schedule views from Planner, plus the new Lists view.
  • The new List view also comes with a new capability named edit multiple tasks at once, which will allow you to edit all affected tasks simultaneously instead of making the same edits to each task individually.
  • If you are an IT admin, you can enable/disable the Tasks in Teams for either your entire organization or specific users.
  • You can also set a policy to automatically pin the Tasks app to the Teams side-rail.




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