The outlook is not only an email and calendar client but also becoming a personal organizer. Just like Microsoft Teams, the Outlook is also getting an update to manage your tasks quickly from an email. You can now leverage the integrated task management capabilities to streamline your workday's commitments.


Microsoft rolled out a new feature for Outlook that will now allow you to quickly create tasks and calendar items. Let's see how it will work.


Outlook adds feature to quickly create tasks and calendar items directly from emails


Microsoft is making some changes to it's Microsoft 365 products to help users streamline their personal and workday's commitments in a professional way. They have rolled out a Tasks app for Microsoft Teams to manage all your individual and team tasks in one place.


Microsoft is also helping you to create tasks and calendar events from the emails that you receive on Outlook. As shown in the above demonstration, you can now drag and drop emails to your To-Do panel (My Day) and add it either as a calendar event or a task.


When you open Search in Outlook mobile, it will proactively pull your top three tasks, regardless of where you created them, and add them to the Search home page.


To help you prepare for upcoming meetings and stay on top of commitments, the personalized Cortana Briefing email appears automatically in your Outlook inbox around the start of your workday. If you’re using the MyAnalytics Insights add-in in Outlook, the "View outstanding tasks" insight reminds you of tasks that you've agreed to do during the last 14 days.



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