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The first build (85.0.531.1) of Microsoft Edge 85 started rolling out to Edge Insiders in the Dev Channel in early June, and then it got promoted to the Beta Channel (85.0.564.18) in late July. Now the company has started rolling it out to the stable release channel.


Here's everything that you would like to know about the new features introduced in Microsoft Edge 85, and how to download the latest offline installer version 85.0.564.41 of Microsoft Edge browser.



Microsoft Edge 85 started rolling out to stable release channel, and here's how to download the offline installer


According to the Microsoft Edge enterprise roadmap and release schedule, Microsoft promoted the Edge 85 (version 85.0.564.41) to the stable release channel. The latest version comes with many new changes, which were already tested and experienced by the Edge Insiders for almost the last two months.


What's new in Microsoft Edge 85?

The collections feature of Microsoft Edge adds the "Send to OneNote" feature and is now available to the iOS and Android versions too. Using this feature, you can better organize and share content that you find across the web.


Microsoft Edge 85 includes Sidebar Search, a feature that adds a contextual search powered by Bing. While surfing the net on Microsoft Edge, you can now highlight a word or phrase, right-click on it, and select "Search in the sidebar" from the context menu. Search results will show up in a pane on the right side of the page. The search pane will show you the web results like definitions, web links, images, videos, and many more Bing services which are related to the query.


Everyone knows the importance of online safety when you surf the net. With the latest version of Microsoft Edge on Windows 10, Xbox One, and Android, you can now keep your family browsing safer across devices by creating a family group. You can then get activity reports of your kids visiting sites, create customizable lists of allowed and blocked sites.



You can use the Picture Dictionary to better visualize a word that you come across. The Picture Dictionary provides a pictorial representation of a word on any webpage to help increase comprehension. To get started, turn on the Picture Dictionary feature by navigating to Reading Preferences.


The built-in PDF reader now adds highlight and screen reader support. This is ideal for students as they head back to school and find themselves researching for book reports. There are five different colors to choose from to help you stay organized.


To make sure students have what they need as they navigate online learning, Microsoft Edge is expanding support for encrypted sync to additional Microsoft 365 educational accounts. Now students, teachers, and the staff that support them can securely sync and access all of their favorites, passwords, extensions, and even collections just by being signed into Microsoft Edge with their Azure Active Directory school account.


How to download the latest version of Microsoft Edge 85?

If you are using the latest version of Windows 10, the chromium Microsoft Edge is already available on your system. You will need to open the browser and navigate to the "About" page to get the latest updates. In case you don't have the Microsoft Edge chromium, you can easily download the web installer of Microsoft Edge from here.



The business users can download the offline installer of Microsoft Edge for Windows, Mac, and ARM devices. Here are the links to download the latest stable offline installer of Microsoft Edge, directly from the Microsoft servers:


Microsoft Edge 85.0.564.41 (64-bit):
To download the latest stable version of Microsoft Edge (Chromium) offline installer for Windows 64-bit (x64), click here.

Microsoft Edge 85.0.564.41 (32-bit):
To free download the latest stable version of Microsoft Edge (Chromium) offline installer for Windows 32-bit (x86), click this link.

Microsoft Edge 85.0.564.41 (ARM 64-bit):
If you are using Windows on ARM 64-bit (ARM64), download the offline installer of Microsoft Edge Chromium from this link.

Microsoft Edge 85.0.564.41 (macOS 64-bit):
Mac users can download the latest version of Chromium Edge 64-bit (x64) from Microsoft CDN.


Some FAQs about Microsoft Edge (Chromium) Web Browser

What is the latest version of Microsoft Edge (Chromium)?

The latest and stable version of Microsoft Edge (Chromium) is v85.0.564.41.


Is Microsoft Edge free to download?

Yes. Microsoft Edge is a free web browser rebuilt using the open-source Chromium project. It can be downloaded on multiple devices like Android, iOs, macOS, and all versions of Windows.



Should I download the new Microsoft edge?

You would like to download the new Microsoft Edge if you trust Microsoft more than Google and would like to experience the new features that come along with Microsoft Edge.


How to download the latest version of Microsoft edge?

To manually check for an update in Microsoft Edge, click the browser menu, then "Help & Feedback" and click "About Microsoft Edge".


Is Edge better than Chrome?

The new Microsoft Edge has a few features that set it apart from Chrome, like better privacy settings, less consumption of computer resources, and more.


Do I need Microsoft Edge with Windows 10?

Microsoft Edge is included with Windows 10 by default. But the chromium version of Microsoft Edge comes with Windows 10 May 2020 Update.



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