Microsoft added a new capability to Word, Excel, and Outlook on Windows and Mac operating system, that will allow you to save graphical objects such as shapes, charts, SmartArt, diagrams, screenshots, 3D models, and SVG's as pictures


To learn how to save graphical objects present in Word, Excel, or Outlook emails as images and the features available at this moment, continue reading further.


Microsoft added new capability in Word, Excel, and Outlook that will allow you to save graphical objects as image


There are many occasions when you see a nice image, 3D model, SmartArt, diagram, chart or an icon in your Word document, Excel spreadsheet or Outlook email that you want to save in your local drive to keep for reference or use later. Directly saving those graphical images was not possible earlier.


But now, Microsoft added a feature that will allow you to save such graphical objects as an image file (PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIF, or BMP).


The feature is currently available to the Word, Excel and Outlook insiders who are running the Beta Channel (Version 2007) build 12901.10000 or later on Windows. This feature is also available to users running Mac Version 16.40 Build (2007100) or later.



Here's how to save a shape, chart, SmartArt, diagram, 3D model, picture, or an icon present in your Word, Excel, or Outlook email as an image:

  1. Open a Word document, an Excel worksheet, or an Outlook email.
  2. Insert a graphical object such as shape, chart, SmartArt, diagram, 3D model, picture, or an icon.
  3. Right-click the graphical object, and then click Save as Picture.
  4. Navigate to a location where you would like to save the image.
  5. Name the file, and then select the type of file format (PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIF, or BMP) in which you would like to save the image.
  6. Click the Save button.


Here's an animated gif (source: Microsoft) demonstrating how you can save a chart as an image from Microsoft Excel sheet:

Here's how to save a graphical object as Picture in Word, Excel and Outlook



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