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Microsoft is currently working on a new feature for the chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser, which will add the ability to capture a screenshot of a website without using any 3rd party tool. They named it as "Web Capture", and can be invoked by using the default shortcut key.


The feature is currently rolling out to a limited set of Edge Insiders running the Canary build of Microsoft Edge (Chromium), and will soon roll out to more users.


Microsoft Edge to get an ability to capture a screenshot of a website


Just like the Windows 10's built-in snipping tool, the Web Capture feature of Microsoft Edge will allow you to take a full or cropped screenshot but that will be limited to the browser. You can then preview the screenshot, copy it to your clipboard, save or share it by using the 'Share' button.


To take a screenshot of a webpage, open the Microsoft Edge menu and click on the "Web Capture" option. Alternatively, you can press the keyboard shortcut CTRL + Shift + S to invoke this capture tool.


The feature is currently rolling out to few insiders running the Microsoft Edge Canary build. So, you may not find it immediately on your device.



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