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Private Endpoints enables you to consume your app through a specific IP address located in your Azure Virtual Network (VNet), eliminating exposure to the public internet. Microsoft now made the announcement of Azure App Service support for Private Endpoints generally available.


From now onwards, you can use Private Endpoints in all Azure public regions for both Windows and Linux apps. Continue reading to know more about what you can achieve with it.


Azure App Service Private Endpoints now generally available


Azure App Service plan now allows clients located in your private network to securely access the app over Private Link. The Private Endpoint uses an IP address from your Azure VNet address space. Network traffic between a client on your private network and the Web App traverses over the VNet and a Private Link on the Microsoft backbone network, eliminating exposure from the public Internet.


Private Endpoints in Azure App Service is now fully supported with a 99.95 SLA and is available in Isolated, PremiumV2, PremiumV3, Functions Premium (sometimes referred to as the Elastic Premium) plans. With Private Endpoints, you can achieve the following points:

  • Enable hosting secure and internal Line of Business applications:
    With a private IP address for inbound traffic, you can build applications that only are accessible from inside the VNet or across connections to the VNet.

  • Expose your apps inside your VNet without data exfiltration issues:
    The private endpoint only enables you to reach your app.

  • Build secure multi-tier web applications:
    Private Endpoints only enables inbound connectivity to your app and does not enable outbound connectivity into a VNet, but this can be achieved with VNet integration, so by combining features such as VNet Integration, you can build complex applications that can call to secure backend API endpoints easily.


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