The old Control Panel applets are becoming obsolete these days while Microsoft moving those to the modern Windows 10 Settings app. Microsoft released a new Windows 10 build to the insiders where they are testing a new feature that will allow you to change the Screen Refresh Rate directly from the Display settings page.


The latest Windows 10 build 20236 in the Dev Channel also includes some improvements to the Start Menu search, adds many fixes and improvements. If you are on the Dev Channel, you may like to upgrade to this build to experience the new changes coming to Windows 10.


Windows 10 Build 20236 gets new refresh rate feature to advanced display settings


Once you have installed Windows 10 build 20236 or higher, you can navigate to Settings | System | Display | Advanced display settings page, and change the refresh rate of your selected display. A higher refresh rate allows for smoother motion. The presented refresh rates can vary with the supported hardware on your device.


Here's how you can change the Refresh Rate of your display device on Windows 10


Microsoft is also rolling out a change to display some of your recent searches when you open Windows Search Box, to make them easy to get back to. This change is rolling out from the server-side to everyone on version 1809 and higher.


The recent list shows the last four items that you’ve searched for and opened from Windows Search Box, which can include apps, files, settings, and direct-nav URLs. You can remove individual items in this list by clicking the “x” that shows when you hover your mouse over the items. You can also disable the Recent feature by turning off the Windows setting "Search history on this device" under Settings | Search | Permissions and History.


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