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Online video creation has become very popular with current developments in technology. Various websites and social media platforms feature a variety of content. Among this plethora of content, videos have become the most effective way to hold the audience, grab attention, and bring them to action.


Multiple video makers have come up with making the process of video making easier. Many of these tools have successfully helped users create excellent content for their blogs, websites, and many other purposes. Most of us prefer platforms that are easy to use and give quality output in minimum time.


Best online video editing software in 2020: InVideo! [REVIEW]


About InVideo

InVideo is among the best video-makers that have gained great popularity. It offers multiple types of operations that you can use to create polished videos, great slideshows, and amazing presentations. Moreover, InVideo increases your efficiency by making a video in minutes. You would also get a hoard of amazing templates and formats for your videos.


You can create an account for free and opt for any of the two plans provided. You would be getting some excellent guidelines and a demo to start creating on the platform. You would also get to be a part of their “Creators’ Club,” which allows you to interact with other video makers and learn from them.


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Best Features

  • The video-editing tool provides more than 3000 templates. You can use these pre-created templates for any of your videos as per your need. Using templates can give a great look to your video according to the content. It is also among the simplest tools offered for beginners.
  • You would get access to quality images and photos from libraries like Pexels, Pixabay, and Unsplash. You can use these images according to the subject of the videos. They can help greatly in making your video more effective.
  • Users are free to use any language of their choice for the videos. Various videos require texts and messages to be displayed. Here, you won’t be restricted to English like many other video-editors. There is also an amazing feature to convert text to speech in the video.
  • The platform supports various formats of videos. It allows you to share your content easily on any social media platform without hampering the quality. There would also be no issue regarding reseller rights.
  • Behind this smooth and hassle-free user interface, a smart team of experts is ever-ready to help their customers. The customer support team operates on all hours 24 x 7 to solve queries about the system, the tools, and the features.


Who all can benefit

There are multiple types of content creators out there who need to produce videos regularly. It can be a great boon for such video creators. Beginners as well as professionals can derive a lot from the platform.



If you are a professional YouTube creator, you would have to make videos consistently and keep up the quality. You would have to make sure that your video is compelling and prove your point. It must have great quality and music, which attracts viewers. So why to wait, let's start making videos right here. If you are an ad maker or a marketing professional, you would require your videos to be concise and deliver the exact message innovatively. A social media influencer would require creating short videos capturing moments that can create impact.


A well-made video can also be great for teaching or presentation in a group. You can also use the video-editing tool to create powerful videos for a special event or occasion. InVideo can work wonders to make your daily work easy and full of quality. Here you will find the best templates to suit your different professions and requirements.


Plans and Pricing

  • Business Plan- As the name suggests, this plan offers a fixed amount of content that can benefit business marketing campaigns or organizational meetings. It costs $20 per month, offering up to 300 photos per month. You would get up to 60 HD exports in a month.
  • Unlimited Plan – This plan has no capping on the content provider or video exports. You can have unlimited access to stock photos and premium video content. You would also get unlimited HD video exports. It costs $60 per month. It can work well for video-editors and professionals who work to create videos on a daily basis.
  • Customized Plans – One may negotiate the customer support team’s pricing options if none of the above plans suits their purpose.


Few problems to note


While most of the video-making demands are covered by this wonderful platform, few things could be enhanced:

  • The text-to-speech conversion has few bugs that could be fixed. While this is a very useful feature in a video-editing tool, many other tools provide better service on this part.
  • Both the plans have a lot to offer in their tool package, but they only allow for 15-minute video uploads. This time cap might not bother several users. However, professional video makers can be bothered by this feature, who have to make longer videos for a specific type of content.



InVideo offers a variety of tools that can benefit any type of video creators. It is especially useful for those who work on social media and are working as a business. Some of the best features of this platform are the range of choices you would get for your specific video type. You would get a range of categories to work on. There are some amazing brand focused tools which help in creating a better brand image. It also helps you establish an online community that supports your business. The customer support is very responsive and efficient in solving problems for all customers.


The tool has turned out great results for small companies and home-run businesses. The easy-to-use interface is very approachable for anyone who wants to make good content. Many may point out errors as it is still new in the market, but it has stood up to video-makers’ current demands.


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