Microsoft released a new Edge build to the Dev channel. The latest Microsoft Edge build version 88.0.702.0 comes with a set of new features and enhancements. Among them, the key feature is the ability to insert text notes or comments in PDF documents which is the most demanded feature request.


The feature is currently limited to Windows users only, and you can access this functionality in the latest version of Microsoft Edge in the Canary and Dev channels.



Microsoft Edge now lets you add text notes in PDF Documents


How to add comments to a PDF document in Microsoft Edge?

Once you have Microsoft Edge build 88.0.702.0 or higher, open any PDF document in Microsoft Edge Chromium browser and follow the steps mentioned below to add text comments to it:

  1. Select the piece of text where you want to add the comment.
  2. Invoke the right-click context menu, and select "Add comment" which will open a text box where you can add your comment.
  3. Here's how to add comments to PDF documents in Microsoft Edge (Chromium) browser

  4. Enter your text notes or comments, and click the tick-mark to save the comment.
  5. Here's how to insert and save comments to PDF documents in Microsoft Edge (Chromium) browser


Once a note is added, the selected text will be highlighted, and a comment icon will appear to indicate the comment. You can hover over that icon to preview the comment or click on it to open and edit it. In order to preserve those comments, you will need to save the changes to the PDF document.


Microsoft Edge (Chromium) browser with PDF comments


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