📢 Microsoft Edge will soon allow you to name a window

Microsoft is now working on a very good feature that will allow you to set a name to the Microsoft Edge browser window. - Story published by Kunal Chowdhury on .

Microsoft is working on a new feature for Microsoft Edge, that will allow you to provide a name to the browser window. As part of Microsoft's A/B Testing, few lucky insiders can now see it in Microsoft Edge Canary build 88.0.702.0 and above. Get the latest build to check if you are one of them.


Though the feature is still not officially released, we will show you how you can rename a Microsoft Edge browser window and make it easy to identify which browser window you want to switch.


Microsoft Edge will soon allow you to name a window


When you have multiple Microsoft Edge browser windows open, it is very difficult to identify the browser window that you want to switch as the switcher lists it as the active tab name. Here you can see how it looks in the existing version of Microsoft Edge:


Existing browser window having the active tab name listed in window switcher


But, with the latest insiders build, now the process is going to change. If you are running Microsoft Edge insiders preview build 88.0.702.0 or higher, you can now name a Microsoft Edge (Chromium) browser window.


As shown in the following screenshot, right-click on the browser window frame and then click the "Name window..." context menu entry:


Microsoft Edge now lets you rename a window


This will popup the following window, which will allow you to provide a suitable name to it:


Give a proper name to Microsoft Edge browser window


Once you enter a name and hit the OK button, it will name the window as you specified. Now when you launch the window switcher again (Alt + TAB), you will see the specified name in the switcher dialog. Check the following screenshot:


Microsoft Edge window renamed


This is indeed a very good feature for those people, who actively work with many windows of Microsoft Edge browser. The feature will help them by renaming the window accordingly.


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