📢 Chrome Labs will let you try new experimental features

Google now made it easier for you to try the new experimental features of Google Chrome by using the "Chrome Labs" icon. - Story published by Kunal Chowdhury on .

Without any public announcements, Google often tests new features in the Google Chrome browser. Most of the time these features being introduced are available through hidden experimental flags. Some other time the company releases new features to a limited set of users to get early feedback.


Now, Google is working a different way to provide early access to the experimental features to users. This is called "Chrome Labs" in the latest Chrome Canary build.


Chrome Labs will let you try new experimental features


The all-new "Chrome Labs" icon in the Chrome toolbar allows you to easily access the experimental features in Chrome Canary. By clicking on that icon, it shows you a popup with a dropdown list of features that you want to enable or disable.


At the time of writing, it only includes options for a reading list and tab search. Google is likely to bring more new features here in the future.


Chrome Labs will let you try new experimental features


From the dropdown, you can enable or disable the feature. Once you change the status, you will be asked to restart the browser for the changes to take effect.


Point to note that these features were earlier listed in Chrome's Flags page as hidden configuration settings.


Earlier this month, Google Chrome made it simpler for customers to sync payment and password data throughout devices. Google Chrome customers on Android will be able to access their stored payment data when they log into the browser with their Google account.


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