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If you also want to launch yourself on YouTube and are looking for a program that allows you to make great-looking videos, FlexClip is definitely one of the best solutions I've found. I'm not a video editing expert and the results weren't great at first. I was trying to do what I could with some mainstream shows, but the early videos were almost horrible and anyone who follows me on YouTube knows that.


There are not a few criticisms I have received. Over time I tried a bit to improve, but still, not having a background in this sector, I continued to have a bit of difficulty, until I came across FlexClip.


How to create great videos from web browsers with FlexClip?


I was a bit skeptical at first because FlexClip is a video editing platform that works directly in the browser. No program should be installed on your computer: just go to the site with a browser like Chrome and you can use all the classic tools of a video editing program.


Why FlexClip?

As I said, at first I was a bit skeptical, but today I can't do without it anymore and if you have a connection as fast as fiber, you don't have the impression of using an online tool. FlexClip has been designed to allow anyone, even people who are not familiar with these tools, to make videos of any type, quickly and easily.


You want to make a video for an event, want to advertise on Facebook, or a tutorial you want to upload to YouTube, I also have a video lesson for your students. Whatever the reason you need to create a video, FlexClip is one of the best solutions because, not only is it super easy to use, but the results are truly incredible. Just choose one of the many templates and then customize it with images, videos, texts, and effects to create the final video in a few steps and in a very simple way.



How to use FlexClip?

FlexClip allows you to create the video in two different ways: you can choose whether to create a video using a template ( Create By Templates ) or start a project from scratch ( Start From Scratch ). The first is the easiest and fastest solution because you will only have to modify the template. Alternatively, you can get involved and create a video from scratch using all the tools available on the platform.


By selecting the Create By Templates mode you initially access a window where you can search for the template for the video you need to create. You can browse the available templates by category or you can use the search field above to filter all the templates to find the one that best suits your needs.


Use the 'Create by Templates' mode to create a video from templates in FlexClip


By hovering the mouse pointer over the model you can view a preview of it in order to decide if it is what you are looking for or not. Once you have found the model you like, all you have to do is click on the Customize button. Below you will find the storyboard which you can then modify by deleting or adding additional videos. You can modify the template using personal images and videos that you can upload by clicking on the Local Files button or if you want to make a tutorial, you can also click on the Record button to start recording your screen or webcam. You can also access a rich catalog of photos and videos that FlexClip offers you.


The other tools you have available are Text to insert text on clips, Overlay to insert effects in or out, Elements add elements such as arrows, icons, and more. You can naturally change the background with Background, add background music, and watermark.


To add a video to the storyboard, simply drag and drop it onto the storyboard. Clips can then be customized by adding audio, filters, you can change the speed, and so on. Getting familiar with all the tools provided by FlexClip takes very little. Although I am not a video editing expert, I was able to create attractive looking projects in no time and without having to use other programs.



In FlexClip I have found everything I need. They can be uploaded to the video editor with a maximum size of 1GB which is more than enough for most of the projects that need to be done for the various social platforms on the web. Videos made with FlexClip can also be exported in Full HD.


As I said, there is also the Start From Scratch mode to create a video manually starting from a totally empty project. You will have to choose the multimedia files to add to the project, the music, the effects, and so on. In the beta version, FlexClip also offers a Timeline mode where you can have more control over the video and manage more tracks.


Use the 'Start from Scratch' mode to create a video manually in FlexClip


FlexClip Prices

Then there is the BASIC plan which costs around $5 per month and allows you to create up to 50 projects online with video up to three minutes in length that can export at 720p HD resolution. The third floor, PLUS, is what I think is most suitable for a novice YouTuber. It costs around $ 8 per month and allows you to export your projects up to Full HD resolution with a maximum length of 10 minutes per video.


And if you have special needs and want to make longer videos, then you can think of subscribing to the BUSINESS plan which costs about $20 per month. It may seem like a lot, but I assure you that after trying FlexClip you will hardly be able to do without it and if you are thinking of creating a channel on YouTube to monetize something, €20 a month is certainly a great investment. Unless you are a video editing expert, you will hardly find a simpler program for making videos with great impact.


FlexClip Discount Offer

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