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A long-awaited feature named "Call Merge" is now available to Microsoft Teams on desktop and web apps. This feature will allow you to combine two Microsoft Teams calls into one group call and continue the conversation from there.


The option to merge the call is available under the "More actions" menu (...). To know more about this feature and how to merge a call in Microsoft Teams, continue reading further.


Call Merge feature comes to Microsoft Teams on desktop and web


How to merge a call in Microsoft Teams

When you are on a call with a person or a group of persons in a team meeting, you may want to call another person on Teams and combine that call into a single call to make the conversation forward. When the second call connects, you can now merge it with the first call. This applies to Teams VOIP calls and PSTN calls.


This feature was first previewed in December 2020, and now Microsoft is rolling it out globally to all customers running Microsoft Teams desktop app or web app. Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available to Android users.


When you are on the second call, click the More actions menu (...), as shown in the following screenshot, and click Call merge. The calls will be now combined into a single call.


Merge a call with an existing Teams call


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