📢 Latest Office Insiders Beta build 14014 adds importing data from dynamic arrays

Microsoft releases a new Office Build (14014) to the insiders who are in the Beta Channel. The latest build adds a feature to Excel, and a few fixes. - Story published by Kunal Chowdhury on

Last week, Microsoft released Office build 14002.20000 to the Office Insiders in the beta channel that adds two new features to Microsoft Office. The first feature was for Microsoft Word which adds proofing for selected text within the document, and the second feature was for Microsoft Excel users that adds accessibility ribbon to the application.


With this week's latest Microsoft Office build 14014 in the Beta Channel, the company adds a new feature to Microsoft Excel. With this new feature, you can now import data from dynamic arrays. Apart from this new feature, it also adds a number of fixes.



Latest Office Insiders Beta build 14014 adds importing data from dynamic arrays


What's new in Microsoft Office Build 14014.20000

If you are using Microsoft Excel, with the latest Office Insiders Beta build 14014, you can now import, shape and refresh data from the dynamic arrays within the current workbook. Apart from this, it also fixed an issue to support backward compatibility with older versions of Excel. In earlier builds, if you are facing an issue where some files were failing to open in Protected View, the latest build has a fix for that. Also, Microsoft fixed an issue that caused the status bar to not indicate a Ready state for some users.


Outlook users will get an issue in this build which was causing name resolution to fail when sending on behalf of another user and resolving against an address book that is not the Global Address List.


Microsoft Word got an update to fix an issue where placeholder text was clipped in comments when using right-to-left languages.


The entire Office Suite received an update to fix two notable issues. The first one is a fix to an issue where hyperlinks including digits would be broken when composing a message in Outlook in a right-to-left language. The second one is a fix to an issue where some Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) did not render correctly.


Story published by Kunal Chowdhury on
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