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Since last year, Microsoft is testing native notifications support for Microsoft Teams on Windows 10. The feature was available only as part of the public preview program. Now the company has started rolling out this feature to all Microsoft Teams users on Windows 10.


When you enable Windows 10's native notifications, Microsoft Teams notifications will be delivered through the Windows notification center. This will adhere to your device's Do-Not-Disturb (DND) settings and move to the Action Center if you miss the notifications.



Microsoft Teams now supports native notifications on Windows 10


How to enable native notifications on Microsoft Teams?

To enable this feature, users will need to change the notification settings of Microsoft Teams. Follow the steps as mentioned below to enable the native notifications on Microsoft Teams:


  1. Open the Microsoft Teams and select your profile picture.
  2. Select Settings > Notifications to open notification settings.
  3. Under the Appearance and Sound > Notification style, select Windows from the dropdown menu.


This feature is gradually rolling out for all Microsoft Teams users on Windows 10. If you didn't receive this update yet, please wait for few more days as the full deployment will be complete by mid of April.


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