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Microsoft PowerToys is a set of utilities for advanced users to tune and streamline their Windows 10 experience with a set of new productivity features. A new update to PowerToys for Windows 10 is now available. The latest build version 0.37.0 adds a bunch of new features and fixes to PowerToys.


The company said that the goal of the PowerToys 0.37 release cycle is to further make the Video Conference Mute utility ready for the stable release branch, which is being tested with PowerToys v0.36 experimental build at this moment.



PowerToys 0.37 comes with a bunch of improvements


What's new and improved with PowerToys v0.37

The last stable release of PowerToys (v0.35) came with new improvements, including the new functionality to quickly swap the layouts of FancyZones, DirectShow migration for Video Conference Mute feature, and more. With the release of PowerToys v0.37, Microsoft added some more improvements to the product.


Now, to run PowerToys, you will need Windows 10 version 1903 or higher.


Microsoft changed the shortcut keys for the FancyZones editor and Windows Terminal's new Quake mode. You can now launch FancyZones editor by pressing Win + Shift + `. Windows Terminal's Quake mode can be invoked by pressing Win + `.


FancyZones also received an update, that will add the Monitor Resolution to the top. PowerRename got an update to add an option for capitalization, improved loading responsiveness with a large set of files.



XAML changes have been performed to improve the rendering of PowerToys Run. Microsoft also disabled some plugins that are no longer loaded with PowerToys Run. A fix now brings VS Code plugin workspaces to show now.


The Keyboard Manager is an independent .exe now, which will run on high priority on its own process. Color Picker now uses a centralized key hook.


Regarding the Video Conference Mute utility, Microsoft yet didn't commit a line by when it will arrive on the stable release channel. But if you want to try it out, you can get the latest experimental build of PowerToys.


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