Microsoft today released a new update to Windows Insiders on the Dev Channel from the co_release branch. The latest Windows 10 Build 21364 comes with a set of new improvements, changes, and fixes. In this preview build, one of the key highlights is to run your favorite Linux tools and applications on the Windows platform using the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).


Want to know more about the new features that coming next to Windows 10? You don't want to miss reading this post further. If you are not yet a Windows Insider, you can register for the program and get an early preview of what's coming next to Windows.


You can now run Linux GUI applications directly on Windows


What's new in Windows 10 Preview Build 21364

With the latest Windows 10 Preview Build 21364, released to Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel, you can now run your favorite Linux GUI applications directly on Windows. The first preview of support for Linux GUI applications is now available with Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).


With this build, Microsoft brings two new features to Windows 10 Taskbar. The first one is the ability to reduce resource consumption, and the second one is an experimental feature to throttle the process resources.


Microsoft now allows you to identify the resource consumption of Microsoft Edge within the Windows 10 Task Manager. The classification is broken down into several different components like tabs, browser processes, plugins, workers, etc. along with separate icons to identify each process.


A new experimental feature has been added to Windows 10 Task Manager, called "Eco mode". It will provide you an option to throttle the process resources. It will also help you to easily identify the apps that are already running in Eco Mode. By assigning a process as "Eco mode", you can limit its resource consumption and provide priority to other apps.


Along with this build, Microsoft introduced a new touch keyboard layout for Japanese users, called 50-on touch keyboard. It is a popular layout widely used for Kiosk devices in Japan.




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