Microsoft is working on a new feature for the Outlook client. The company recently released a new preview build for the Office Insiders who are on the Windows Beta Channel and running Microsoft Office version 2106. In the Latest Microsoft Office Insiders Preview Build 14122.20004, Microsoft previewed a new Organization Explorer app for Outlook.


With this build, Microsoft also adds a list of fixes for Microsoft Word, Microsoft Project, and Microsoft Outlook client. For a detailed list of fixes (changelog), continue reading further.



Microsoft Outlook client to get a new Organization Explorer feature


What's new in Microsoft Office Version 2106 (Build 14122)

In the latest Microsoft Office version 2106 build 14122.20004 for Office Insiders in the Windows Beta Channel, Microsoft adds a new feature to the Outlook client. This comes as a new app and will enable you to contextualize, visualize, and explore the people and teams around you.


To launch this "Organization Explorer", select the "Org Explorer" icon from the Home ribbon. Once clicked, you will see a visual display showing the people from your team or organization. You can then select a person’s card or icon to view more details about them.


What's new in Microsoft Office Version 2106 (Build 14122)


Apart from this new "Organization Explorer" feature, Microsoft fixed an issue in Outlook client where users were unable to move items across folders in “non-business” licensed Outlook versions.



Microsoft Word - Notable Fixes

  • Microsoft fixed an issue where some comments were not saved when exporting a document to PDF.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue that prevented the editing of a new comment in an unprotected area of a document when Restricted Editing is applied.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue related to unneeded scrolling animation.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue causing intermittent crashes in the comments pane.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue that was causing a mismatch between the Editor pane theme and the system theme.
  • Microsoft fixed a performance issue related to working with large documents.



Microsoft Project - Notable Fixes

  • Microsoft fixed an issue where assignments on manually scheduled tasks could be moved to an incorrect date.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue where the resource pool was unresponsive and couldn’t be opened.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue where an error was generated if you created a custom field formula that used the ProjectDate*/ProjectDur* functions with a specific date or time parameters.


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