During the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the people are working from home. And during this time, the Microsoft Teams app gained lots of attractions. Most of the corporates upgraded their messaging system to use Microsoft Teams to connect within the teams. Microsoft Teams also received new features regularly in proportion to usages.


Microsoft is now working on another feature for Teams, that will allow you to access the files stored in Teams which are currently available offline. The feature is expected to be released this month, according to the Microsoft 365 Official Roadmap.


Microsoft Teams will soon allow you to access files offline


Microsoft Teams recently received an update that will now allow you to schedule Out-of-Office (OOO) hours within the app. And that will automatically sync with the Microsoft Outlook client. Microsoft Teams also received an update where you can now merge a Teams call into one group call and continue the conversation from there.


Now, the Microsoft Teams app is going to receive another update in June 2021, which will now allow you to access previously opened files in Teams even when you are offline.


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