📢 Windows 11 has been leaked and here's what we know so far

Windows 11 Build 21996 has been leaked in an online portal. We have managed to download the build. Here's a quick look of the new GUI of Windows 11. - Story published by Kunal Chowdhury on .

As we already know, Microsoft to reveal what's next for Windows on June 24. Though there exists no official announcement of what going to come next, there was a rumor that the next version of the so popular operating system will be named Windows 11.


Now, it seems like the rumor is going to be real. Yesterday there was a Windows 11 Build leaked online from a Chinese portal, and we got to know more about that build. Here's a quick look at Windows 11 that is expected to be released later this year.


First look of Windows 11 from an online leaked build


This post is based on the leaked information that we know so far. It is NOT advisable to download and install any leaked build.


According to the report, Microsoft is changing the layout of the Windows Task Manager and the Start Menu position. We could see from the leak that the Windows 11 Task Manager now comes center aligned. At a first look, the experience is like macOS without those animations.


The look and feel of the Start Menu come with a clean interface, similar to what was expected for Windows 10 X. But if you are fond of those live tiles, it doesn't come by default. Here's a quick look at the new Start Menu and Windows 11 Taskbar in Light mode:


Windows 11 Start Menu (Light Mode)


In the Dark mode also the Start Menu and the Taskbar looks pretty good. Here's a screenshot:


Windows 11 Start Menu (Dark Mode)


In addition to the new layout/positioning changes, Microsoft has moved the power options to the lower right corner of the Start Menu. From there you can now Switch OFF, Restart, or Hibernate your system.


If you don't like the new Taskbar layout and the position of the Start Menu, you can navigate to the Taskbar Settings and align it left. Here's how to reposition the Windows 11 Taskbar from the Settings app.



The search box in Windows 11 has been tweaked a bit. If that really matters for you, here I am sharing a screenshot:


Windows 11 Search Box


Windows 11 now comes with new icons for File Explorer. If you are following us, you have already seen that Microsoft has previewed these new icons with the Windows Insiders Preview Build 21343. If you want to see the new look of File Explorer, here is a screenshot:


The new look of File Explorer with new icons


One of the best new features in Windows 11 is the ability to resize and position any window. As shown in the following screenshot, if you hover over the maximize icon, a new menu comes from where you can select the window size and position:


Resize and Position your window with ease


This feature is similar to what we have already seen with the PowerToys Fancy Zone. But, in-built functionality with some preset layouts making it stand above.


As rumored earlier, the leaked version of Windows 11 comes with rounded corners on all screens. It includes menus, action centers, and more.


Here you can see the version settings page stating "Windows 11", the current build version number, and the Windows Feature Experience Pack that has been currently installed:


Windows 11 Version Settings Page


Nothing much with it. If you are already using Windows 10, Windows 11 seems pretty much the same with some GUI changes. If everything goes in the right direction, we may see more new features once it gets released.


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