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Microsoft to reveal what's next for Windows on June 24. While everyone was curious about what is coming next, a Chinese portal leaked that information along with a Windows 11 build 21996. The information that we know so far, Windows 11 is going to come with a new Taskbar and Start Menu layout, new icons, and more.


If you don't like the new Taskbar layout, Microsoft allows you to reset the position to the classic left-aligned. In this post, we will learn how you can change the Taskbar layout from the center position to the left position.



Windows 11 allows you to reposition Start Menu left aligned


How to reposition Windows 11 Start Menu to classic left aligned

As we have seen in the Windows 11 leaked build, the default layout of the Taskbar comes center aligned. If you don't like this positioning, Microsoft allows you to reset it to the classic left position. In case you haven't seen the new Taskbar layout in Windows 11, here it is:


Windows 11 default taskbar layout


To change the Windows 11 Taskbar layout, right-click on any empty space of the Taskbar, and click "Taskbar Settings" as shown in the following screenshot:


Open the Windows 11 Taskbar Settings


As you could see in the following screenshot, the default taskbar alignment is "Center":


Default taskbar alignment in Windows 11


To move it to the traditional left align, click on the dropdown and select "Left" as shown in the following screenshot:


Reposition the Windows 11 taskbar to left


Once you make the changes, you can see that your Start button and all other icons placed at the center of your Windows 11 Taskbar has been moved to the extreme left of the screen:


Windows 11 Taskbar aligned left of the screen


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