It's almost a month when Microsoft officially revealed the upcoming major release of their operating system, Windows 11. The new update to bring an updated UI, and improvements to performance, productivity, and security features. Windows 10 users meeting the minimum hardware requirements will receive a free upgrade to Windows 11.


Windows 11 is now available as a preview release to Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel with a new Microsoft Store as a one-stop destination to browse and install apps, and games. Microsoft Edge browser, which is the default browser on Windows 11, also started appearing on Microsoft Store.


Microsoft Edge available to download from Windows 11's Microsoft Store


Microsoft Edge on Windows 11 is now available on Microsoft Store

If you are a Windows Insider, and running the Dev Channel build of Windows 11, can now install Microsoft Edge browser from the Microsoft Store. With just a single click, the browser can be downloaded and installed on your system.


Currently, it is not clear about the Edge updates whether those will be pushed via the Microsoft Store. But, it is expectable to see it being updated through the store; just like other apps like Notepad, etc. being updated via the Store app with the latest version of the operating system (insider only).


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