Back in June, Microsoft started delivering Windows 11 Preview Builds to the Windows Insiders who were already opted into the Dev Channel. Since then, all supported and unsupported devices in the Dev and Beta channels were offered the Windows 11 builds.


But now, that's going to end. Microsoft just made a decision to stop flighting preview builds to the unsupported devices and booting them out of the Windows 11 insiders program.


Unsupported Windows 11 devices will be kicked out of the Insider program


If you are currently running Windows 11 (Preview) builds in an unsupported PC that doesn't meet the minimum system requirements, you will be soon kicked out of the Windows 11 Insiders Program and then you will have to go back to Windows 10 by having a clean install.


This is because, after the official announcement of Windows 11, Microsoft mentioned that if you are unable to meet the minimum hardware requirements, you still will be allowed to get the Windows 11 preview builds until general availability. Once Windows 11 moves to General Availability (GA), you need to go back to Windows 10. You won't get any future preview builds after that.



And this day is not so far. Microsoft announced that Windows 11 will be generally available on .


According to the report, the company now started booting incompatible devices out of the Windows 11 insiders preview program and asking them to install Windows 10.


Your PC does not meet the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 11. Your device is not eligible to join the Windows Insider Program on Windows 11. Please install Window 10 to participate in the Windows Insider Program in the Release Preview Channel, the message started coming up to the insiders now.



However, we haven't seen this message in our unsupported test machines yet.


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