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If you want to know whether your present Windows 10 device is compatible with the Windows 11 operating system, Microsoft has a tool called "PC Health Check app" that will tell you whether you can upgrade to the "soon-to-be-released" operating system.


Earlier, this tool was only available to Windows Insiders. Now the company has released it to all users to test for compatibility ahead of the final release of Microsoft Windows 11.


Windows 11 PC Health Check app is now available for everyone


Windows 11 was first officially announced in June 2021 and along with that, the company also released a PC Health Check Tool to know whether the system running Windows 10 is compatible with the Windows 11 minimum hardware requirements or not.


Though many people were happy seeing their device as Windows 11 compatible, a vast majority of the users were unhappy seeing the "This PC can't run Windows 11" error message even though they are running new generation systems meeting the minimum system requirements listed by Microsoft. That caused confusion to the users running the application.



Later, Microsoft temporarily pulled the Windows 11 PC Health Check tool as the app was causing confusion by showing the generic message.


Later, a new version of the PC Health Check tool was released by Microsoft in order to remove all these confusions using the tool.


Interestingly, the PC Health Check Tool was available to Windows Insiders only and was not generally available. Microsoft now removed that barrier and made it available for all users ahead of the Windows 11 release next month.



Those who are interested to check whether their system is compatible with Windows 11, can download the official PC Health Check app from Microsoft's Windows 11 website. You will need to scroll down all the way to the bottom of the page to find the link labeled "Download PC Health Check App". Click on the link to download the tool to your local system and run it.


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