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Azure Data Factory is a cloud-based ETL and data integration service. It allows you to create data-driven workflows for orchestrating data movement and transforming data at scale. Using the Azure Data Factory, you can create and schedule data-driven workflows (pipelines), and publish your transformed data to data stores such as Azure Synapse Analytics for business intelligence (BI) applications.


Recently Microsoft announced February 2022 update for Azure Data Factory which added some exciting new features to the platform. Continue reading to know more about this update.


Microsoft announces new features to Azure Data Factory | February 2022 Update


What's new and improved in Azure Data Factory | February 2022 Update

Service CategoryService improvementsDetails
Data FlowParameterized linked services supported in mapping data flowsYou can now use your parameterized linked services in mapping data flows to make your data flow pipelines generic and flexible.
Azure SQL DB incremental source extract available in data flow (Public Preview)A new option has been added on mapping data flow Azure SQL DB sources called Enable incremental extract (preview). Now you can automatically pull only the rows that have changed on your SQL DB sources using data flows.
Four new connectors available for mapping data flows (Public Preview)Azure Data Factory now supports the four following new connectors (Public Preview) for mapping data flows: Quickbase Connector, Smartsheet Connector, TeamDesk Connector, and Zendesk Connector.
Azure Cosmos DB (SQL API) for mapping data flow now supports inline modeAzure Cosmos DB (SQL API) for mapping data flow can now use inline datasets.



Data MovementGet metadata driven data ingestion pipelines on ADF Copy Data Tool within 10 minutes (GA)You can build large-scale data copy pipelines with metadata-driven approach on copy data tool (GA) within 10 minutes.

Azure Data Factory Google AdWords Connector API Upgrade AvailableThe Azure Data Factory Google AdWords connector now supports the new AdWords API version. No action is required for the new connector user as it is enabled by default.
Region ExpansionAzure Data Factory is now available in West US3 and Jio India WestAzure Data Factory is now available in two new regions: West US3 and Jio India West. You can co-locate your ETL workflow in these new regions if you are utilizing these regions for storing and managing your modern data warehouse. You can also use these regions for BCDR purposes in case you need to failover from another region within the geo.
SecurityConnect to an Azure DevOps account in another Azure Active Directory tenantYou can connect your Azure Data Factory to an Azure DevOps Account in a different Azure Active Directory tenant for source control purposes.




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