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If you are using the Google Chrome browser, you have already heard about "Incognito Mode". It is an online privacy feature that prevents your browsing history from being stored on your device. While the feature is good for browsing without a trace, it can limit the experience at times. For example, taking screenshots in Incognito Mode is not allowed by default.


If you need to take screenshots in Incognito Mode on your Android's Google Chrome browser, here we show you how to remove this restriction and take screenshots in the most popular Google Chrome browser.


How to take screenshots in Incognito Mode on Android


Take screenshots in Incognito Mode on Android

Taking screenshots of Google Chrome for Android is by default disabled when you are running the browser in Incognito Mode. This is restricted because you are running the browser instance in a privacy-oriented mode. But in case you want to turn off this restriction, Google Chrome for Android provides a flag that is required to enable.


Follow the steps as mentioned below to turn off the screenshot restriction in Google Chrome for Android when running the browser in Incognito Mode:



  1. Open your Google Chrome browser for Android.
  2. In the Chrome app, navigate to the experimental features page by typing chrome://flags in the address bar.
  3. Now in the search bar, search for “Incognito Screenshot”.
  4. From the dropdown associated with the “Incognito Screenshot” feature, select "Enabled".
  5. Press the “Relaunch” button to reopen the Google Chrome browser.


Once this feature is enabled, you will now be able to take screenshots even when you are running the browser privately in Incognito Mode.



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