Microsoft announces the General Availability (GA) release of PowerShell Crescendo with some new features and benefits to help you rapidly develop PowerShell cmdlets for common command-line tools, regardless of platform. To know more about PowerShell Crescendo, and its features and benefits, continue reading further.


PowerShell Crescendo is now generally available


PowerShell Crescendo is a development accelerator that will enable you to rapidly build PowerShell cmdlets that leverage existing command-line tools. It amplifies the command-line experience of the original tool to include object output for the PowerShell pipeline, privilege elevation, and integrated help information. A Crescendo module replaces cumbersome command-line tools with PowerShell cmdlets that are easier to use in automation and packaged to share with team members.


Here is the list of features and benefits that the current version of PowerShell Crescendo offers:

  • Ability to define cmdlets from simple key/value statements in a JSON file.
  • Support for modular design – cmdlet definitions can be in one or more JSON files.
  • A JSON schema that helps you create your Crescendo configuration using IntelliSense and tooltips.
  • Three styles of output handling code allow you to separate your code from the cmdlet definitions for easier debugging and development.
  • Privilege elevation mechanisms in Windows, Linux, and macOS.
  • Crescendo generates a PowerShell script module ready for deployment.
  • While Crescendo requires PowerShell 7 or higher for authoring configurations, the generated module can run on Windows PowerShell 5.1 and higher.
  • Example configurations for you to copy and reuse.
  • Experimental Help parsers that provide proof-of-concept examples for auto-generating cmdlet configurations.


Microsoft.PowerShell.Crescendo requires PowerShell 7.0 or higher. To install Microsoft.PowerShell.Crescendo, enter the following command:

Install-Module -Name Microsoft.PowerShell.Crescendo


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