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Any organization cannot function without effective communication. Whether the organization is small or large, you must regularly communicate with your clients and teammates. In such cases, traditional phone systems can be quite costly and difficult to maintain as your company grows.


Due to the pandemic, which has accelerated the digital transformation of businesses, the demand for integrated communication and collaboration solutions has skyrocketed.


VoIP Industry: New trends to watch out for in 2022


VoIP technology has made it much easier to make calls and connect with everyone in your organization.


It offers more than just phone service; a VoIP phone system typically includes advanced features like built-in SMS messaging, voice mail, video calls, and caller IDs.


We will look at each VoIP calling software trend shaping the industry in this article, but first, let's explore what VoIP is.



What is VoIP?

You can make phone calls using your internet connection with a VoIP phone system.


You're probably using VoIP services outside of work, such as WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook Messenger.


Business VoIP tools are intended for call centers and other businesses that make frequent calls, such as sales and customer support teams.


Benefits of VoIP

VoIP is the most recent form of business telephony; it gradually replaces traditional landline networks and has become a popular alternative to mobile phone calls.


There are numerous advantages to using VoIP for business in today's world. Let's look at the main benefits of VoIP phone systems and IP telephony for your business.



1. Reliable

VoIP phone systems are extremely dependable. VoIP has evolved, with applications such as Skype and FaceTime leading the way.


VoIP has been adopted by many businesses worldwide and is constantly evolving, making it one of the most dependable telephony technologies.


2. Portability

Many businesses place a premium on portability. A VoIP phone system has the advantage of allowing businesses to be as mobile and portable as possible. You can connect mobile users and desk-based users to your phone system by using a VoIP network.


VoIP's portability advantage is ideal for businesses with on-the-road employees or home workers, as they can connect directly to your VoIP telephone system via your VoIP network.


3. Low Price

VoIP is a low-cost option. As the name implies, VoIP uses your internet/broadband connection to make and receive phone calls. This can significantly reduce your company's operating costs by eliminating the need for numerous individual phone lines.


VoIP you good value for money and assists you in lowering your company's call costs.



4. Coordination and collaboration

VoIP easily integrates with other systems and allows employees to collaborate via voice, video conferencing, or instant messaging.


5. Preparing for the Future

Another advantage of VoIP is that it protects your company's future. ISDN is one of the old technologies that is being phased out.


By replacing your business phone system with a VoIP phone system, you will be able to ensure your telephony is up to date and won't become obsolete.


This future-proofing also protects your company's investment. When you update to a VoIP phone system, you can be confident that you're using the most current telephony communication standard and that your investment is safe for the foreseeable future.


The Impact of VoIP on Business

The VoIP industry will experience significant growth in 2022, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15% from 2021 to 2027.


Furthermore, VoIP enables businesses to support other communication and collaboration solutions such as audio and video conferences. Overall, VoIP manages calls, a group of servers that perform call routing functions, and many other things.


As a result, it is preferable to comprehend VoIP's upcoming trends in 2022 and be aware of the predictions that will face us and the market.



Top VoIP Trends to watch out for in 2022

Most businesses these days use VoIP tools, particularly call centers and those involved in making regular calls, such as sales and customer support teams.


As communication becomes more digital, the VoIP industry will grow to around USD 55 billion by 2025. So let's peek into the top VoIP trends to watch out for in 2022.


1. VoIP technology adoption in small businesses

VoIP technology has made business phone services widely available to small and large businesses. The technology has become more appealing to small businesses because of its cloud accessibility, lower costs, and improved sound quality.


It is correct to say that VoIP is an excellent choice for small businesses that make calls worldwide regularly. It also enables them to keep all their critical data in sync via CRM contact records.


VoIP technology is expected to be adopted by many small businesses in 2022 and subsequent years.


2. UCaaS is becoming more popular

In 2022, communication technologies will be further consolidated into single unified communications as a service (UCaaS) platforms.


These platforms use VoIP technology as a foundation, but they provide far more than just voice calling capabilities.


Other features include video/web conferencing, instant messaging, faxing, and team collaboration tools (such as screen sharing).


One significant advantage of UCaaS is centralizing virtually all online communication within a single platform.


As an alternative to buying a separate video conferencing tool, instant messaging application, and voice solution, companies can invest in a single product that can do it all.


UCaaS is all cloud-based means that users can access these platforms from anywhere with a strong internet connection.



3. Emerging Privacy/Security Concerns

VoIP services provide users with an additional layer of privacy and security by providing them with a separate business phone number that eliminates the need to give out personal numbers.


However, like all internet-enabled technology, VoIP software is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Cyber-attacks are on the rise, with perpetrators employing various techniques such as phishing, network intrusion, system misconfiguration, stolen records/information, and so on.


Before purchasing a VoIP service, organizations should consider internet-based security concerns and speak with vendors about the security to protect against these tactics.


4. AI will become more powerful

Artificial Intelligence technology will continue to improve as a VoIP trend for 2022. It enables VoIP service providers to automatically classify and route incoming messages to the most competent and skilled agent based on their urgency.


Interactions between customers and organizations will be transformed by smarter digital voice assistants powered by AI. It enables real-time sentiment analysis to inform agents whether a customer is happy, irritated, or confused before they even begin a conversation.


VoIP and AI technology enable businesses to set up advanced call routing or use auto attendants to manage incoming calls easily and effectively.


Furthermore, it contributes to the advancement of intelligent or skills-based call routing VoIP capabilities. These services help speed up the entire communication process while also optimizing call handling.


5. Support Omni-Channel

VoIP service providers focus on implementing Omni-Channel because it retrieves all unified communication such as live chat, messages, emails, calls, and a more comprehensive customer support package. Everyone can benefit from omnichannel marketing. It attracts and retains clients who want to learn more about your excellent service and makes them feel at ease by providing a unified chatbox where they can chat with you on the platform of their choice.


Furthermore, in 2022, omnichannel will be viewed as support and a place to talk to all of your business and a leading way for VoIP tools to collaborate for better live chat video conferences.



6. Communication capabilities built into the app

In 2022, the availability of VoIP and video calling capabilities and other in-app communications will be very popular.


The integration will reduce the need for users to switch between applications every time they want to send a message, host an online meeting, or make a phone call.


Thanks to the integrated in-app communications platform, users can enjoy all of the key functionalities within one platform.


Consequently, we will see more companies integrating fully integrated in-app capabilities such as video conferencing, voice calls, and others into their UCaaS systems.


7. The massive transition to a hybrid work environment

Many companies offer flexible work arrangements and hybrid workplaces in the post-pandemic era.


A trend that began as an experiment a decade ago exploded when a global pandemic changed how you do business. It urged businesses to look for solutions that allow employees to collaborate and stay connected even when not in the same office.


The transition to a digital work environment will be a set standard for innovative companies looking to hire the best talent this year.


Cloud technology and VoIP systems allow teams to collaborate seamlessly regardless of their location.


Smart meeting rooms are on the rise, and they will bring together employees who work at headquarters and those who connect from home or a coffee shop elsewhere.



To summarize

In recent years, VoIP has become increasingly popular for business communications and is expected to become a set standard in the near future. However, these systems, like any modern technology, are still evolving.


Companies are attempting to stay ahead by implementing mobility, intelligent assistants, and video conferencing solutions.


Cloud communications platforms and collaboration solutions for 2022 are already well known. Identify whether your current communications solution meets the needs of your company.


By all means, incorporating a cloud telephony platform into your communications strategy will assist you in remaining agile and competitive while providing your team with enhanced working tools.


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