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Just like all other Fridays, a new update build of Microsoft Office is now available to the insiders in the Windows Beta Channel. Being the first build of MS Office version 2206, the latest update adds several new features to the Office Suite.


Continue reading further to know what's new and improved in Microsoft Office version 2206, build 15227.20000, released to the Office Insiders in the Windows Beta Channel.


Microsoft Office Version 2206 (Build 15227.20000) adds several new features


What's new and improved in Microsoft Office Version 2206 (Build 15227.20000)

Microsoft OneNote

Take notes using just your voice with Dictate

Using your voice to dictate content is a fast, hands-free way of putting your thoughts into a note—shown to be three times faster than typing! With Dictate for OneNote, now you can simply speak your thoughts to create content. To access this feature, just click on the Dictate microphone icon on the home tab and begin dictating your notes.



Microsoft Excel

Optimized recalculation on devices with constrained resources

On resource-constrained devices (two cores or less and eight gigabytes of RAM or less), Excel has now by default made recalculation more optimal by running calculation on a single thread. In most cases, users should see noticeably faster calculation on these devices. Note that in some cases that require compute-intensive calculation, users may want to consider overriding this default by selecting File > Options, then going to the Formulas section of the Advanced tab and setting the number of calculation threads to “2".


Speeding up formula entry

We’ve sped up the time required for entering a formula in a cell by reducing memory usage, making more efficient memory allocation calls, and optimizing the redrawing of the visible range around the cell being edited. These optimizations are more noticeable on devices with slower memory or slower CPU-memory throughput, such as low-cost devices.


AutoFilter is faster and more efficient

The AutoFilter function is now noticeably faster! These improvements were achieved by reducing memory usage and optimizing the calls made by the filter’s comparison algorithm. The optimizations are especially noticeable on low-end devices that have less memory or slower CPU-memory throughput.



Microsoft Office Suite

Easily access shared documents on the desktop

The sign in to organization option allows guest users to access documents that have been shared with them on their desktop Office applications, using a one-time passcode or third-party federation. This functionality, which was previously available in Office for the web, is now also an option for your Office desktop applications.


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