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When looking to launch an experience management program, there are several things to keep in mind. A good survey tool is a top priority for any business looking to get into the feedback game. When you find the right tool to help you collect responses easily and analyze the data, then a small portion of your work is done. But then you would want the tool to help you ace your mission yet stay affordable and flexible.


Why I switched from SurveyMonkey to SurveySparrow


Why we decided to leave SurveyMonkey

The above lines summarize our experience with SurveyMonkey. While the online survey tool was mostly sufficient for our business needs, it did not exceed our expectations of an ideal platform.


To begin with, SurveyMonkey doesn’t offer a free trial to its users. While a free plan is available, it has its share of limitations.



Compared to other survey tools having almost the same features, SurveyMonkey is way overpriced. The tool tends to overwhelm its users with its pricey and cluttered features.


Considering the above factors, we started looking for SurveyMonkey alternatives. Within a short time, we switched from SurveyMonkey to SurveySparrow, and the journey’s been great! Get into SurveySparrow Vs. SurveyMonkey, shall we?


SurveySparrow - Your all-in-one Customer Experience Management Platform


Things we loved about SurveySparrrow


1. Intuitive Builder

SurveySparrow lets users create smart and beautiful surveys for any purpose and in any language. We found these things standing out inside the survey builder.

  • The experience management tool offers various survey types, including classic, chat, 360-degree feedback, NPS, and offline surveys.
  • Their 25+ question types range from Heatmap, Matrix, Multiple, and Picture Choice to Payment, Upload, and more.

  • In-built visualization logics like the Skip and Display logic provide the best end-user experience. Their latest choice-level logic is also a blessing.
  • Features like answer piping, voice transcription & sentiment analysis are sure to provide you with a seamless experience (You’ll definitely want to know more about them too!).
  • The major highlight - Highly customizable surveys that offer users the best choice of fonts, colors, themes, and more. The platform’s complete with the ability to set expressions and variables.
  • Multi-device compatibility of surveys is worth the mention here.


SurveySparrow - Your all-in-one Customer Experience Management Platform


2. Customizable dashboards

SurveySparrow’s exclusive and vibrant dashboards help users compare and correlate survey data quickly, helping organizations arrive at better decisions with much ease. Some dashboards we found interesting:

  • Executive Dashboard helps users visualize survey data effortlessly. Customizable widgets inside these dashboards help represent information in an appealing and efficient way.

  • Manager and Admin Dashboards inside their 360-degree feedback tool guide stakeholders in the right direction.
  • The available widgets include horizontal and vertical bar charts, stacked charts, donut charts, line charts, trend charts, word clouds, journey charts, and more.



3. 600+ ready-to-use templates

With these pre-designed templates, users can create surveys for any purpose in just a few clicks.


You’re free to create your own survey, right from scratch too! Keep these things in mind:

  • It comes in a one-question time format.
  • You’ll love the customization possibilities of the design elements in each template.
  • Also, survey templates are available for video surveys, chat, and classic forms.


SurveySparrow - Your all-in-one Customer Experience Management Platform



If you’re someone who believes in putting out things your brand’s way, then SurveySparrow is going to help you achieve that 100 percent! I’ll tell you how:

  • SurveySparrow’s Custom domain helps you remove SurveySparrow from your survey URL.
  • Their custom CSS will help you with the best survey customizations possible.
  • You also get to retain brand identity at different levels, including fonts, colors, logos, and whatnot.



5. Insightful reports

A pre-requisite for any survey tool! Their offerings on the reported side include:

  • You can create multiple reports using your survey responses and metrics.
  • The added ability to set different filter groups to view responses.
  • Add tags to responses and use filtering or prioritization or create workflows.


SurveySparrow - Your all-in-one Customer Experience Management Platform


6. 1500+ integrations


  • Advanced integrations through Zapier and native integrations, including Salesforce, Zendesk, MailChimp, Power BI, Microsoft Teams, HubSpot, and more.
  • These offer quick and convenient solutions to the users.



7. Ease of use

Being a no-code platform, this SurveyMonkey alternative is easy to use and helps with easy survey creation and analysis. What we loved with the platform:

  • Neatly arranged survey builder, which is easy to understand and use.
  • A clear landing page that guides users on their desired path.
  • The ability to preview surveys before rolling them out.
  • Help center, which includes articles on almost all features inside the platform.
  • A community that addresses user concerns.



What SurveySparrow does better than SurveyMonkey

Let me put it this way, SurveySparrow has the edge over SurveyMonkey when considering many factors. Here I’ve made a list of everything SurveySparrow does way better than SurveyMonkey.


A 14-day free trial

SurveySparrow’s 14-day free trial is your best chance to deep dive into the platform and explores all features, including the premium ones. This is huge when compared to SurveyMonkey’s basic free plan, where you get 10 questions and 100 responses for free. SurveySparrow doesn’t ask you for any credit card information. There are no hidden charges whatsoever.


SurveySparrow - Your all-in-one Customer Experience Management Platform


Easy on the pocket

SurveySparrow will cost you 50% less than SurveyMonkey, with various additional features and monthly billing plans. You can have a look at their pricing page (which has every detail, by the way) and see what I’m talking about.


A neat tool

Unlike SurveyMonkey, SurveySparrow has been designed so that users can find most of the tools (and question types) with as ease and as little guidance as possible. No clutter, easy navigation!


Customize your way to mirror your intent

Be it your survey or reports, SurveySparrow is well open to white labeling possibilities. Meanwhile, SurveyMonkey branding appears almost everywhere, and getting rid of it is a challenge despite being on a premium plan.


SurveySparrow - Your all-in-one Customer Experience Management Platform


Customer support, check!

SurveySparrow offers users round-the-clock technical support (live chat, email, and phone) apart from their help center and knowledge base. However, with SurveyMonkey, there is no phone support unless you’re on the platinum plan ( $1000+ per year). There’s not much satisfaction even when you consider their email support. SurveySparrow, hence, is one of the best SurveyMonkey competitors available!


When it comes to deciding on an online survey tool, choose wisely, and you’ll turn out to be nice to your audience. When making a switch, be sure to explore all the platform's features. Make it a point to explore SurveySparrow, and you’ll know why we made the switch.


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