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Smartphone usage is now inextricably linked with daily life. But there is no end to the problem when the phone's battery dies when needed. Fast charging technology has appeared in the last few years to ease the problem. Using this it is possible to charge the smartphone battery quickly.


But many times the smartphone charge is delayed due to its own mistake. Are you making those mistakes too?


7 tips to charge your smartphone faster


How to charge your smartphone faster?

When you are in need to charge your smartphone faster, follow the below tips:

  1. Enable the "Air Plane" mode. As it will disconnect all network connectivity, the charging will be much faster.
  2. Turn off all network connectivities like "WiFi", "Bluetooth", "NFC", "GPS", "Hotspot" etc. As these are responsible for high battery drainage, turning off them will help your smartphone to charge quickly. Do note that, it is possible to turn on a few of these settings in a few smartphones even when your device is on "Air Plane" mode. So, double-check and make sure that these are turned off while charging your mobile.
  3. Turn off all background apps as this will reduce the battery drainage.
  1. Instead of charging your smartphone through a USB port, go for a charger.
  2. If your device supports Fast Charing technology, buy a fast charger with maximum speed from the market and use it. Before buying a charger find out the maximum speed of fast charging that your device supports.
  3. Always use the original cable that comes with your phone. If your cable is damaged, buy a new cable from the mobile manufacturer or go for a good cable. Don't buy any cheap cable from the market as this will not only reduce the charging and data transfer speed but may also damage your phone.
  4. Avoid talking on the phone or playing games while charging. This will not only speed up the charging process but also reduces the radiation.


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