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Microsoft Edge version 107 is now rolling out to the stable release channel. The latest update of Microsoft Edge comes with build number 107.0.1418.24. It includes two new feature updates and several policy updates.


One of the highlighted changes in Microsoft Edge v107 is the improved Edge Sidebar. For a detailed list of changes, and improvements, continue reading further.


Microsoft Edge 107 is now generally available for download


  • Microsoft Edge v107 is now generally available.
  • The latest Microsoft Edge build 107.0.1418.24 brings two new improvements.
  • It also brings several policy changes.
  • The Microsoft Edge sidebar lets users access productivity tools side-by-side.
  • Administrators can control the availability and configure the Microsoft Edge sidebar.


What's new and improved in Microsoft Edge version 107.0.1418.24

Feature updates

Microsoft Edge sidebar. The Microsoft Edge sidebar lets users access productivity tools side-by-side with their browsing window. For enterprise customers, the following experiences are currently turned on by default: Search, Discover,, and Outlook. Administrators can control the availability and configure the Microsoft Edge sidebar using the HubsSidebarEnabled, ExtensionInstallBlockList, and ExtensionInstallForceList policies. The extension ID for each sidebar app can be found at edge://sidebar-internals. For more information, see Manage the sidebar in Microsoft Edge.
New policy to give more flexibility in Microsoft Edge startup. The RestoreOnStartupUserURLsEnabled policy lets users add and remove their own URLs to open when starting Microsoft Edge while maintaining the mandatory list of sites specified by the admin.



Policy updates

  • EdgeWorkspacesEnabled - Enable Workspaces
  • EnhanceSecurityModeBypassIntranet - Enhanced Security Mode configuraton for Intranet zone sites
  • EventPathEnabled - Re-enable the Event.path API until Microsoft Edge version 115
  • InternetExplorerIntegrationLocalMhtFileAllowed - Allow local MHTML files to open automatically in Internet Explorer mode
  • LinkedAccountEnabled - Enable the linked account feature
  • PerformanceDetectorEnabled - Performance Detector Enabled
  • RestoreOnStartupUserURLsEnabled - Allow users to add and remove their own sites during startup when the RestoreOnStartupURLs policy is configured
  • DefaultShareAdditionalOSRegionSetting - Set the default "share additional operating system region" setting
  • WebSelectEnabled - Web Select Enabled
  • WebSQLAccess - Force WebSQL to be enabled
  • WebSQLNonSecureContextEnabled - Force WebSQL in non-secure contexts to be enabled


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