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If you are using Windows 11, the most significant new feature is the ability for you to download and run Android applications from Amazon App Store. The feature is known as Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA). Recently, Microsoft added several new improvements to security, camera, general reliability, and performance to Windows Subsystem for Android on Windows 11.


The company is still improving the platform and preparing some major changes to it. The software giant recently updated the upcoming features that the team is working on. Let's see what's new coming up next.


Windows Subsystem for Android on Windows 11 will soon get Android 13, File Transfers, PIP, and more


The GitHub repository of Windows Subsystem for Android contains a roadmap that describes the features currently available to users, and the features not yet implemented. Recently, the company silently updated it with the features that the team is going to add in future releases.


According to the documentation, Microsoft is going to add Android 13 support to Windows Subsystem for Android. File Transfer, Shortcuts, Picture-in-Picture (PIP), and Local network access by default are also on the radar of upcoming features to WSA.



Unfortunately, there is no information about the release plan for the features. If you are a Windows Insider, you will soon get the updates prior to general availability once the company starts working on those.


These are part of Microsoft's continuous effort in improving Windows Subsystem for Android on Windows 11 to provide you new features and improvements in a timely manner. A couple of days ago Microsoft released Windows Subsystem for Android version 2209.40000.26 on Windows 11 Dev and Beta channels with the following new improvements:


  • Improvements to the Camera HAL
  • Improvements to clipboard stability
  • Improvements to multi-threaded performance
  • Improved security for graphic streaming
  • Reliability improvements for package launches
  • Security updates for ANGLE and GSK
  • Annotated telemetry with package installation sources
  • The window with legal information has been fixed
  • Security updates to the Linux kernel
  • Enhancements to platform stability
  • Updated to Chromium WebView 105


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