Version 2212 of Microsoft 365 Apps is now being rolled out to insiders in the Current Channel. Two new feature changes are included in the most recent version of Microsoft 365 Apps, build 15928.20198.


It also fixes a few bugs that were present in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel in addition to these feature changes. Read on for a thorough list of the modifications.


Microsoft 365 Apps received two new feature updates
Microsoft 365 Apps received two new feature updates


What's new and improved in Microsoft 365 Apps version 2212 (build 15928.20198)?

Feature updates

Microsoft Access

Enable code signing for your Microsoft Access databases and VBA programs:
With this version, current Microsoft Access database formats are supported via the Tools/Digital Signature command in the VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Even if Trust Center settings dictate that only digitally signed code should be enabled, signing a database will still permit the VBA code contained in the database to be executed.



Microsoft Word

Assign tasks to your team members:
Without leaving Word, create and assign tasks. Simply enter a comment, @mention your team member, and check to Assign by pressing Ctrl + Enter. Your effort is over after your comment is turned into a task.



Resolved issues

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft resolved a problem that caused the application to abruptly close when you right-click on a chart and choose edit.


Microsoft Word

Microsoft has resolved a problem that could have caused users to encounter a dialogue box with the words "Contacting the Server" when trying to open a file. The company also fixed a problem where the ruler wouldn't work with the tab stop marker.


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