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Microsoft Edge has been updated to version 109.0.1518.49 and is now available for download by everyone on the Stable Channel. The update includes numerous feature enhancements in addition to the customary reliability fixes.


Microsoft also published a new release with fixes and performance enhancements, version 108.0.1462.83, to the Extended Stable Channel in addition to updating the browser in the standard Stable Channel.


Microsoft Edge 109 - What's new and improved?
Microsoft Edge 109 - What's new and improved?


New and improved features in Microsoft Edge 109

The ability to link a personal Microsoft account (MSA) and Azure Active Directory (AAD) account through a job or academic institution is the first functionality that Microsoft has added to Edge v109. Once connected, users who are logged in with their work or school account can earn Microsoft Rewards points for using Microsoft Bing in their browser or Windows search box.



The capability to check for changes to the TLS server certificate is the following functionality added to Microsoft Edge v109. The MicrosoftRootStoreEnabled policy is being used to test this capability, which will be made official in Microsoft Edge version 110.


The browser now includes text prediction, which is intended to help users write more quickly and clearly. It's important to note that customers in the US, India, and Australia can presently access this service solely in English. However, the business wants to take it to more places.



Policy updates in Microsoft Edge 109

New policies

  • WebHidAllowAllDevicesForUrls - Allow listed sites to connect to any HID device
  • WebHidAllowDevicesForUrls - Allow listed sites to connect to specific HID devices
  • WebHidAllowDevicesWithHidUsagesForUrls - Automatically grant permission to these sites to connect to HID devices containing top-level collections with the given HID usage
  • MicrosoftRootStoreEnabled - Determines whether the Microsoft Root Store and built-in certificate verifier will be used to verify server certificates
  • DefaultClipboardSetting - Default clipboard site permission
  • ClipboardAllowedForUrls - Allow clipboard use on specific sites
  • ClipboardBlockedForUrls - Block clipboard use on specific sites
  • SearchFiltersEnabled - Search Filters Enabled



Deprecated policies

  • SetTimeoutWithout1MsClampEnabled - Control Javascript setTimeout() function minimum timeout
  • ExemptDomainFileTypePairsFromFileTypeDownloadWarnings - Disable download file type extension-based warnings for specified file types on domains


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