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In the Dev Channel, Microsoft is once again distributing fresh builds to Edge Insiders. The most recent release, build 110.0.1587.1, adds a number of fixes, new APIs, policies, and features for Android. The Dev build will eventually be made available to Mac users.


Continue reading for a complete list of the new features and fixes in Microsoft Edge Dev Build 110.0.1587.1.


Microsoft Edge Dev Build 110.0.1587.1 improves ad blocker on Android
Microsoft Edge Dev Build 110.0.1587.1


What's new and improved in Microsoft Edge Dev Build 110.0.1587.1?

New Features:


  • New Ad blocker feature now allows you to block ads with a long press.
  • Now you can change the wallpaper on the New Tab Page.


  • Added experimental Permission management API.


  • New policies (Note: Updates to documentation and administrative templates may not have occurred yet)
    • Print preview sticky setting policy.
    • Touch Mode policy.
    • Policy for disabling Immersive Reader’s Grammar Tools.



Reliability improvements:

  • Fixed browser crash related to out of memory condition when visiting certain shopping sites.
  • Fixed browser crash related to invalid access in a vector on webpages.
  • Fixed browser crash related to McAfee Drive Encryption.
  • Fixed browser crash by disabling WebAuthn autofill functionality due to issue.


  • Fixed browser crash when activating Fullscreen mode.


  • Fixed browser crash when using the translator.
  • Fixed browser crash when viewing New Tab Page.


  • Fixed browser crash when downloading a file.
  • Enterprise:
  • Fixed browser crash due to Conditional Access workflow retries too many times when remediation fails on Android.



Other changes:

  • Fixed URLs not being added to the allow list when the flyout is dismissed on Website Typos protection.
  • Fixed favicon not loading properly when installing a site as an app.
  • Prevented browser window from staying open if it only contains a blank tab opened by ClickOnce interaction.
  • Removed recently closed suggestions from the address bar so they will now persist instead only on the current browser session.
  • Fixed can’t expand or collapse Tab group while the Tab group menu is showing.
  • ALT + S shortcut no longer triggers the screenshot functionality.
  • Workspace sharing prompt will now close when clicking outside of the UI.
  • Fixed Visual search button appearing outside the image when scrolling.


  • Fixed can’t swipe up on New Tab Page.
  • Fixed page getting squished when using Split View on iPad.
  • Fixed automatic profile switching issue where it keeps switching back to a Work profile from a personal profile.
  • Fixed the issue when trying to sign in from Add account displaying a circle.


  • Fixed Add current page to Favorites button not showing after editing a favorite.


  • WebResourceResquested API promoted from experimental stage to public.
  • Fixed DPI mismatch.
  • Disabled native Windows Share option due to not working as expected on HoloLens and in UWP apps.
  • Fixed custom rasterization scale bug. (#2918)


  • Removed the ShadowStackCrashRollbackBehavior policy.
  • Fixed focus fails to work involving showModalDialog and in IE Mode workflows.
  • Fixed an issue where visiting a URL that is on AllowListUrls policy causes to open a New InPrivate tab to a URL that is not on the AllowList on iOS.


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