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Microsoft is still working to make MS Teams the finest online platform for collaboration and communication. We have already seen that the business constantly adds new features to it, and at the end of each month, a complete summary of the items added that month is provided.


A list of the new features and enhancements that Microsoft made to Microsoft Teams in December 2022 has now been made public by the firm. Here is a brief explanation of the new features and enhancements in case you are interested.


Microsoft adds these new features to Teams in December 2022
What's new and improved in Microsoft Teams?


What's new and improved in Microsoft Teams?

Easily organize and delete chat conversations you no longer require without affecting other chatters.


With more than 800 Teams emoticons for any circumstance, you may express criticism more artistically. Express your joy, your agreement, or your emphasis on work completion by communicating your feelings.


By using @mention, you can add new chat members without going to the add-dialog. You can decide how much of the chat history to share with new participants.



Spend less time finding the appropriate stakeholders. Teams chat uses AI to help you start new conversations by suggesting coworkers based on your recent cooperation. By year's end, this feature will be generally accessible.


The scope of chat and channels has been added to the resource-specific consent (RSC) permissions paradigm, which was originally created for Teams Graph APIs. You can use RSC to ask team owners for permission so that a bot can read user messages in regular group conversations without being @mentioned.


Prioritize up to two other attendees' sign language videos in meetings so that they are still displayed while content is being exchanged. Captions can also be configured to remain active during all meetings.



Several touch-enabled experiences are included in the recently released Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android Update 3 (App version: 1449/ to improve the meeting and collaboration experience on touch-enabled devices.


By tapping "Start meeting" on the local Whiteboard screen, you can easily transition from a local collaboration experience to an online co-creation space. The "Start Meeting" button immediately starts an impromptu meeting and brings up the Whiteboard that was previously running on the home screen onto the meeting stage.


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